Recently I decided it was time to trade in and trade up. And in this instance I mean a new car.

So I started shopping around, spending hours and hours on various websites dedicated to new cars, used cards, dump cars, yellow cars, stupid cars, cars of all sorts. Even cars with hats on. And let me tell you, I’m very surprised no one has yet to jump at the idea of making a website dedicated to cars wearing hats. I think it would be one of those awesome ideas. You know like

Well, let me tell you about this process. It’s fun and exciting. But also painstakingly painful. For so long I was all in love with this one car and then decided that there was one thing wrong with it and changed my mind. Over and over this accrued.

Now let me first explain for those who don’t really know me, or don’t care to. I had currently owned a 2005 Ford Escape. (And let me explain, that yes, I no longer have this car so I may or may not talk in past tense about it.) It was black, it had everything you would wanted especially in 2005. It had a six CD changer, leather seats, sunroof or moon roof … not really sure what the difference is. I know someone did explain it to me a while back but I either have forgotten or not really cared.

But after all this car was the shiznizzle. Yes, I no, that’s not a word that’s used in any dictionary outside of Snoop Dogg’s house. It was the Limited version, and for that era in the Ford marketing and designing era Limited was the top of the line. Obviously I didn’t buy the car brand new. After all I was just a wee whipper snapper back then. I bought it used in 2007.

At that time I desperately needed a new car as my previous one, a 2001 Ford Escort had well, kicked the proverbial bucket. As I stated previously this time I had the upper hand. I had a running car.

Yes, it was running, but with the laundry list of small problems starting to add up to bigger problems. Small things like new windshield wipers to an oil change to for some reason the shifter thingy would randomly get stuck when trying to put the car into park. Or the fact if I locked all the doors and the weather was either too cold or well, to warm or just whatever the car alarm would go off. Yeah, get this one. The back passenger door would sound off because it thought it was open. Yet, it wasn’t. It was real fun driving down the road with this problem.

Other small problems like the muffler was busted up, I probably was living short on my transmission and would need to replace another catalytic converter.

So I went out and bought this…