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The news coming out today is that teenage music idol Justin Bieber has been arrested for DUI (Driving Under The Influence) and drag racing.


Now I will wait while you freak out and throw a fit that this Bieber guy is once again in trouble with the law. Yes, just last week he was in trouble with the law for egging his neighbors house. And now this.


Well, thanks for the obvious Joel McHale. But there’s more to this idiot thing than we’re letting on. Especially seeing that one of his hit songs is where he says the word “Baby” about 150 thousand times.

But now let’s make some jokes about how he got arrested for drag racing.


But the worst part for him is he got arrested for driving with a UTI (play on Under The Influence).

Now all kidding aside. Here’s the story

Officers saw two cars racing at 4:09 a.m. Thursday, with two vehicles apparently used to block the area off, Miami Dade-Police spokesman Sgt. Bobby Hernandez told WSVN in South Florida. He says the second car was a red Ferrari, and that driver was also arrested. Both cars were towed.

The Miami Beach Police Department later tweeted that R&B singer Khalil Sharief was arrested along with Bieber.

Bieber failed a field sobriety test and was taken to the Miami Beach police station for a Breathalyzer and processing, Hernandez said. Bieber will be transported to the Miami-Dade County jail, he added.

The street where police say Bieber was racing is a palm-tree-lined residential area in mid-Miami Beach. Along one side of the street are small apartment buildings, and on the other side are a high school, a youth center, a golf course and a city firehouse.

And while it’s very good that the police stopped the entire scene from escalating, we need to stop and blame the Devil. Yes, the Devil. Because if he really existed he would have allowed Bieber to crash and well, take his soul. But this really shows you that even the Devil doesn’t want Bieber’s soul.