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Last night Barack Obama held is annual State Of The Union, in which he goes over the accomplishments of the past year and the things he’s working on for the next year. It’s something that all of the Presidents of all-time have done. And in case you didn’t watch it or were at work like some of the strong Americans I know of. Then don’t fret we’ve throw together some quick bullet points of things that you should pay attention to.


John Boehner Is Weird Looking

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john-boehner 220px-John_Boehner_official_portrait

USA Today Thinks The President Lied… Do You?

The good folks over at the USA Today took a deep look at some of the numbers Obama threw out last night and this is what they came up with.. Was Obama lying? Fact Checking…

ABC News Really Thinks Obama Is A Big Fat Liar

Here is ABC News checking on every single fact that Obama babbled about last night.

Cory Remsburg Sits Next To A Fat Guy

Obama Made This Guy Almost Kill This Guy

Obama Gets Justin Bieber Arrested

Jim Cantore Beats Up Obama Supporter

Is Rand Paul Your Next President?