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 With the launch of the WWE Network, we are awarded with 1,000s of hours of wrestling history. From WWE to ECW and to WCW. And this is where we pick up as we take a look at WCW’s Halloween Havoc from 1993.

Now if you are faint of heart please don’t notice how they turned a average wrestling pay-per-view into one of the racist events ever!Image227

Look at that Halloween Havoc logo. You can honestly tell it’s a WCW show from 1993. Do you notice the cloudiness? That’s because it’s supposed to be haunted.


Eric Bischoff to dressed like a Confederate solider.Image64

Two skinheads?Image58

Um… Wasn’t Harlem Heat Stevie Ray and Booker T? What happened to Booker T?


That’s not a plantation owner is it? This is just coincidence right?


Um… Is that a noose?


Um… Damn!