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It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with this old humble website I call Hachland. It’s been a while since I’ve even had the chance to look at it. It’s not like I’ve had the busiest of lives or something overwhelming me to actually take the time to say “Hey, what’s going on over there?” It’s just that I haven’t had the motivation. Motivation is something that’s been absent lately in my life.

With the bitter cold that I have to face on the daily because of my living location in the Upstate New York area. To the ugliness that is my current career field. I just don’t seem to have any motivation. Whether it be I’m too tired or just don’t care. It’s non-visitant.

Bumming around has been my only constant. I’ve found the ultimate pair of sweatpants and occasionally switch in and out of different hoodies or hooded sweatshirts if you will. And place myself either on my bed or on the couch in the living room. Searching through what’s on Demand, Netflix or the WWE Network. I’ve even become too lazy to search through YouTube to find some decent wrestling matches. And yet somehow I’ve actually got the motivation to sign up for the NJPW Network, it’s a Japanese wrestling company, yet haven’t deciphered through the Japanese writing to understand what’s going on. So in conclusion I haven’t watched anything on it.

While I have become quite the addict to playing Clash of Clans. Yes, that game in which Liam Neeson was featured in their Super Bowl commercial. It’s a interesting game, if interesting in your vocabulary means building and destroying things. Which obviously it does in mine. It reminds me of one of my favorite games of all time WarCraft. No, not that stupid wizards of waverly place game World of WarCraft. But the 1994 edition of WarCraft 2. I remember building maps and challenging my brother and what not. Oh, the time before internet gaming. How great was that. But then again there was a primitive version of online gaming back then. Very primitive.

Speaking of primitive games, there’s this Trivia Crack game. It’s not high tech at the least. It’s very, very simple. Just words and highlighted things. Oh and there’s this wheel you can spin. It’s something that everyone can play. The only side affects outside of getting the question wrong is the fact there are a crazy amount of advertisements. So many damn advertisements. But I guess it’s fun. At least for everyone else. I tend not to like it very much, do to getting a lot of questions wrong.

Aside from getting somethings wrong, I sometimes get a couple things right. While I quite don’t know exactly what are those are. I am on quite the journey to find those out. I may not be going down the correct road or haven’t uncovered the right rock. But I’m still working on it. And working on it is something I’ve showcased throughout the tenure of this place called Hachland. A fictional land in which I attempt to be witty, yet usually fall flat on my face.

Yet as I take a break from my new routine of “bumming around” I’ve found that I had quite a bit of fun rambling on and on about absolutely nothing. Now, if someone would like this I could do more of it. And imagine if you will, if someone commented on this post. I’d be jumping for joy and might actually jump out of my rut.

Because after all, I’ve got plenty to say. I’ve got plenty to do. And gosh darn-it I’m not quite Stuart Smiley but I could be for a few hundred likes.