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What a week for Chris Dickinson. The high and the low. But mostly living the low life. Or is he just showcasing how being a heel is?

If you haven’t been following Dickinson is a professional wrestler who is based out of Staten Island, New York. Has been a rising up and comer in the independent wrestling scene. This 27 year old has been a mainstay in Beyond Wrestling since it’s inception and has been rocking the JAPW and CZW scenes as of late.

Dickinson got a very big opportunity this year as Ring Of Honor wrestling had him battle Michael Elgin at their Winter Warriors Tour in Dayton, Ohio. While victory wasn’t achieved his name was publicized even more so.

As for my personal experience watching Dickinson it all began on my Rhode Island weekend that I had in June of 2015. Night one of my two night adventure was at the XWA Aftermath show. In which the XWA Championship was on the line we saw Dickinson battled David Starr, Matt Taven and Jason Blade. David Starr would ultimately come out the victor. As for night two it was inside the famous Fete Music Hall as Beyond Wrestling presented Uncomfortable. Dickinson took on the beast known as Brain Cage. While the two power houses battled it out Dickinson would unfortunately get the victory over The F’N Machine.

But as I sit here and state the rise of fame for Dickinson, I also most talk about his sudden push to super heel. As with the internet wrestling universe losing their mind due to his recent actions at Beyond Wrestling’s King Of Arts event.

Before we go into that I would be amidst not to remind you all of what happened last weekend at the CZW Sixteen event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After being defeated by Blk Jeez in a CZW World title match, Dickinson went on the microphone to bad mouth the fans and the entire city of Philly. Stating that wrestling in Philly is dead and that the Philly fans are to blame.

Well, I’m not disagreeing to those statements. But that would just turn out to be the tip of his heel lifestyle.

Something many wrestling fans have may or may not have seen. In a unscheduled bought at the show Sunday Kimber Lee who has been undefeated in her Beyond Wrestling career faced off against Chris Dickinson. In which the last few seconds saw Dickinson slam a chair across the top of Lee’s head and then hit her with a running version of the Razor’s Edge.

This brutality towards women has been a sudden outrage to wrestling fans on the internet. With one person going as far as saying:

This is absolutely fucking disgusting!! The Promoter should be ashamed to have allowed this to go on in their ring. I’m not going to trash the promotion because I spoke with someone who attended the show and he said the show was solid up to this point. But this is just downright absurd and i wish Kimber Lee the best in a speedy recovery from this”

As for me to respond with this.. WHAT!?

To elaborate on my 2002 Stone Cold Steve Austin response is how is that disgusting? Yes, it may be a tend on the vicious side. But if it was two men it would be completely acceptable? We’ve seen this happen before, heck, at the last show I was at in which Dickinson made a heelish move. I witnessed Matt Tremont and Stockade destroy each other with chairs. But if it’s a guy and a girl it’s wrong? What about equal rights? What about that whole trending topic last week on Twitter in which we were supposed to give Diva’s a chance? I don’t see how this is against that. Maybe I’m wrong.

I could be wrong in the fact that it’s wrestling. And wrestling is yes, as hurtful it is, it’s fake. Yes, wrestling is fake. This was a predetermined storyline in which Dickinson would defeat Lee. A chair was handed from outside of the ring from one of Dickinson’s cohorts in Team Pazuzu. Yes, maybe the chair shot was too vicious. Maybe the Razor’s Edge was also too vicious. But given Dickinson’s already known intensity we should have seen this coming.

And to go with what that previous person I had quoted said about blaming the promoter now that’s just outlandish. It goes hand and hand with that give Diva’s a chance stance. Plus blaming the promoter, a man who has gone farther than any other promoter as in promoting women in the wrestling world is just plain stupid. For one if you’re saying something along those lines you haven’t been following wrestling, don’t understand wrestling and should just go outside and play in traffic.

Because wrestling is about making a big splash. It’s not about guys that look like Hulk Hogan battling each other. It’s about telling a story. And involving women versus men is telling the ultimate story. And this promoter has been telling this story since Beyond Wrestling began.

Now yes, is it disgusting how vicious the chair shot was? Yes. Was the Razor’s Edge a little too much? Yes. But does this tell a story and has it caused Chris Dickinson even more heel heat? Yes.

With all that being answered the only question we should ask is where is Dickinson wresting next week and what heelish thing will he do?