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We all know of those special days. Those days on the calendar that mean something to us. From it being our birthday to a anniversary. To a date in which we remember a event that changed the world such as 9/11. We all have those certain days where for whatever reason we stop and think about the past.

One of those days for me is quickly approaching. It’s one of those dates where it used to be time to celebrate. But now it’s just another painful reminder of things that should have been but can never be again. One of those days where the thought of it disappearing never was a thought.

That date?

May 1st.

For me it’s a reminder that I can’t celebrate my mother’s birthday. As it’s closing in on 6 years since the cancer took her away.

But as this date reminds of the pain of missing her. This year it also marks the date in which one of my passions comes to attack.

I, as many of you may or may not know, have a small passion in which I am a wrestling mark. Or a fan of wrestling as those who don’t understand those “inside” wrestling terms.

As many of you may know of the most popular wrestling company World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). But there are a world of other companies. And numerous others that are no longer around.

While the stories of the companies that have past their time is one that I have and will cover again, but the main story right here is WWE. And there upstart company NXT. Which is primarily used as their training faculty. But since the launch of the WWE Network has spread to become a entity all in itself.

NXT’s rise has risen so strong that WWE has decided to give the company some road time. And not just keep it down in the state of Florida at the Full Sail University where the majority of their shows have been held. But see if the brand can survive on it’s own.

After testing it at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival and it being a success, they have chosen four places to hold live shows. They include Columbus and Cleveland in Ohio; Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. And the fifth show will be located in Albany, New York. The capital of New York State. They will be holding the show at the historic Washington Armory.

While the two Ohio shows and the Pittsburgh one will all happen on a weekend in June. The Philadelphia one will occur on May 14th which is the day after 2 back to back shows featuring Ring Of Honor and New Japan Professional Wrestling. Oddly enough it’s perfectly fine for WWE to use the steam from other companies but if other companies do that to them around WrestleMania season they’re not allowed to without being outside of a 100 mile radius.

The second road show for the NXT which will be in Albany, New York will be held two days later on the 16th of May. Which oddly splits the days of two Squared Circle Wrestling (2CW) shows. A independent wrestling company who has had numerous talent that is now signed by WWE. Such as, using their current WWE names, Daniel Bryan, Luke Harper and Kevin Owens.

To add to intrigue as these NXT shows have just been announced. Is the fact that the first 2CW show is located about a half an hour away from where that NXT show will be. Plus the 2CW is working with the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame (PWHOF), a company also not affiliated with the WWE. A company that honors all wrestlers even those who haven’t performed in the WWE. The PWHOF is holding their annual induction on that same night NXT will be in Albany. Just about a half an hour away.

Now is this a way for WWE to try and push down the little guy? Yes. Just like when Burger King puts a location next to McDonalds. Its a way to try and piggy back the success of their competition to work for their own greediness.

Am I telling you don’t go to NXT? Nope. Am I telling you it’s rude? Yes!

So wait what does May 1st have to do with all of this? Well, the tickets for these events will go on sale on that date. And to set the knife in the heart a little farther. WWE will be holding a live show in Syracuse on the date too.

Maybe I’m paranoid or maybe someone from Stanford hates me.