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Today in the Capital Region there’s a number of big events going on. The biggest according to the mainstream media is the Triple Crown winning horse American Pharaoh running at the Saratoga Race Track’s Travers. But that’s petty change to the bigger story. And that story is there’s a battle going on in Albany. As two rival wrestling organizations go head to head!

Local wrestling organizations In Your Face Wrestling will be running their show out of the Polish Community Center in Albany, New York. While The Dynasty will be running their show in Troy, New York’s Boys & Girls Club. Yes, before I get any hate mail saying Troy and Albany are different, yes, I know. But for the sake of this article they’re in the same town. Because really they are.

While Albany may not be the wrestling capital of the world. There has been some big significant moments in wrestling history. From the 1992 WWF Royal Rumble to No Mercy in 2000 and WCW Clash Of The Champions IX. And who could forget the WWE Raw where Stone Cold Steve Austin took that beer truck and sprayed down Vince McMahon. Oh, just to see Vince McMahon in pain is all the happiness I need.

Will this day be as glorious as those previous days? Probably not. Sorry, but the significance to these two wrestling companies running on the same day in the grand scheme of the wrestling world is insignificant. And rather not of note.

But why then do I mention it?

Because it is some pretty big news. Especially for the local wrestling fan. While no huge names outside of Jimmy Hart will be in attendance at both shows. Outside a few independent wrestlers yet to catch their big break. But the fact two wrestling shows are running within 12.7 miles of each other. It will send big word to other wrestling companies that there is wrestling fans in the area. And we’re hungry for wrestling!

Hopefully the local wrestling fan turns out and says “Yes, wrestling there is a fan.” We may not be Philadelphia and we won’t be able to run two, three or even more shows on the same night. We still have the passion.

Speaking of Philadelphia, I remember years ago attending a Ring of Honor (ROH) show. It was in September 2002 and while standing in line waiting for the doors to open a truck drove by promoting another companies show. That company was called 3pW.

That company was running out of the ever so famous ECW Arena. The company I was attending was running out of a small building called the Murphy Recreational Center. Now if you’re a wrestling fan you’ll know the end result of this feud.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying one of these two companies running shows today will become another Ring Of Honor. What I am saying that it’s been done before. And it makes for better wrestling. Something that we saw in the 1990s during the Monday Night War’s when WCW and WWE went head to head on Monday nights.

So what show should I attend if I’m in the area?

Good question.

Me personally am not going to reveal this. But what I will tell you is who is in attendance for today’s shows.

For In Your Face Wrestling, the company that’s been going strong for over a decade, has their head trainer Drake Evans, Lenn Oddity, Northern Fury, Elite Terrel, Chip Stetson, Fronz Roddy, former TNA star Jesse Neal, plus my friend Zane Maverick will be debuting.

As for the upstart Dynasty they will have WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart, Chuck Deep, Brad Wesley, Ben Ortiz who has wrestled for Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore, , Travis Dorian, Mike Verna and 2CW stand out Sean Carr.

So as the battle for Albany begins who will you chose? Be careful when crossing the line. Because well, it’s the Hudson River. And you might get wet!