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As I continue the multi-part Battle Of Albany segment. Which is a recount and basically a calling out of the local wrestling scene in Albany, New York. I last left off stating how the wrestling scene is dead. But as I ended that last article I left you wondering if everything had changed.

Now I will let you know if it had or not.

In the words of Kevin Kelly was it the “Same Old Shit” or is there actually some hope in the future?

What has driven me in the past to understand what a great wrestling show is some big name talent, some young talent and just enough good wrestling to love. Now this might be a late 1990s thought but give the people something to enjoy and they’ll actually enjoy it.

But for too long a certain company has given us the complete opposite. And yes, I am talking about In Your Face Wrestling. I’ve been going to a number of their shows in the past few years. Each time leaving more and more insulted.

I understand it’s a small group, a company with little money. It’s also a company that has it’s own training school. So most of their talent is young and green if you will.

But is that all an excuse to put on a bad show?

My thoughts are no.

And I am obviously not alone.

If this sentiment wasn’t anymore obvious than at their “WrestleMania” type show in March. Their annual Memories, Moments & Mayhem show. In which a huge crowd turned out, I was one of those people. But something very, very sad happened.

The people left.

Yes, they piled in their cars and drove all the way out to Delanson, New York in a very, very thick fog. They paid their money. And they met the big names that were brought in. Names like Sabu, Jeff Jarrett, Stevie Richards, The Godfather, Haku a.k.a. Meng, Buff Bagwell and Brian Myers who’s better known as Curt Hawkins in WWE.

They had a lot of bad and little to no good.

And no I’m not personally attacking. I’m telling the obvious truth.

A failed public announce system and terribly booked matches lead to the mass exit of the fans. The amount of people who stayed for the entire show had to be on a very, very low rate.

Which is sad. Because that’s what they built their entire show around. Running numerous segments building up to the fact that Roman Dominguez wouldn’t sign the contract to face Drake Evans. But the previously failed public announce system helped to derail this again and again.

And if anyone reading this can help me understand the entire Meng and Prince Ashul-Naul segment please let me know. Because what I saw was nothing but a big jumble mess. It started with Prince taking on The Space Cowboys the team of Garrett Holiday and Rickety Rocket in a two on one match and then turned into everyone from the back coming out to battle the Prince and then Haku came out and aided in the Prince and then suddenly they wrestled. To add to this confusion Meng gave Prince two different Tongan Death Grip and if I can remember correctly getting two victories.

Yes, I did make it even more confusing by using both of his names of both Meng and Haku. Because personally he’ll always be Meng to me.

The show was just a whole mess of confusion. With only a few brief highlights and that being the obvious match of the night when Elite Terrell took on Tyler Vincent. A match that yes, had a few botches, but this is wrestling. We understand! Yet, this match was obviously one of the better matches of this companies history.

Another highlight was the match between Zack Clayton and William Slade. It may have been aided by Clayton’s friends and family in the crowd. But you can tell Clayton has something. I think they call it talent. And no Clayton, I’m not saying this because of what you said on Saturday.

Not to continue berating everything about this show. But it’s the small things that start to add up. When one little mistake turns into a few bigger ones.

We all understand that things happen and now matter how much you try to plan it or try to recover from it. It just happens. But be prepared. Try not to let the bad wash away all the good.

With that last part being said I had personally wished for a better usage between Stevie Richards and Brian Myers. Especially after seeing Myers rebirth at Beyond Wrestling the year earlier when he made his first independent match since his release from WWE.

Yes, I would love to have seen Richards and Myers one on one. But for whatever reason be it injuries, bad booking or just completely over looking the write home moment of having these two men go one on one. I don’t know. Still don’t get it.

With all that said. The one thing that was done was the real wrestling fan was left insulted. Yes, their guys were put over. Which is good to do in front of your friends and family. But you’re in the wrestling business. If you want to call yourself that. If not then don’t advertise, don’t run shows. Just let your friends and family show up and give you money to perform in front of them. That’s why they have living rooms.