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So as we continue onward with this 5 trillion part rambling about the one night there was two wrestling shows in the Albany region. I’m reminded of my first big independent show. One I’ve previously mentioned numerous times and even once in this Battle Of Albany segment.

Oh yes, ROH Unscripted. The event that emulated from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I had previously mentioned it as part of this because of the fact there was another show running in the same city and on the same day. I had chosen to go to ROH. Others though had chosen to go to 3pW.

3PW, was a organization run by Larry Sharpe, Blue Meanie and Jasmine St. Clair. And on this specific day they were running a show at the famous ECW Arena. They were showcasing some of the hardcore legends of wrestling the likes of Kevin Sullivan, Sabu and Abdullah The Butcher.

They were also featuring these two up and comers from the Chicago region. With names like CM Punk and Colt Cabana. Both having started their career in 1999. They had slowly become known on the independent scene.

A independent scene that had brief encounters with the internet, nothing like today’s day in and age. Most of which was a few websites, word of mouth and mostly e-mail news. Or even role play federations.

But Punk and Cabana were as well known to those on the independent scene then as they are now a days to the mainstream wrestling business.

And with that came this day.

The day was like any other.

As if…

It was completely different. I was in another start almost4 hours away from my home. When the internet rumors started and then word on the street as we stood waiting for the doors to open were confirmed. One of legends of the ECW Arena had passed away.

Yes, I’m taking this a little differently than I led you to. But this is a major part of the day, as we found out one half of Public Enemy had passed away. This was the day Rocco Rock died.

The reason I mention this is because Rocco Rock was supposed to wrestle at 3PW that day. He was supposed to take on Gary Wolfe for their Heavyweight Championship. But he had a heart attack and passed away.

The sadness of this was felt by all. As a fan of Rocco Rock it hurt me. It hurt greatly that I would never get to see him wrestle.

Sadly the show had to go on. And for 3PW they had to recruit someone to take on Gary Wolfe for their title. They also had to recruit fans to their shows. I remember a truck and various other people attempting to scout the ROH fans to travel to the Arena and watch that show instead of this.

But we stayed.

We stayed. As we stayed we got to see one of the greatest ladder matches ever. We got to see some of the greatest independent wrestlers of all-time. Most of which are still around today.

But we also got to see those two up and comers.


CM Punk and Colt Cabana made the long walk over from the ECW Arena to the Murphy Recreational Center.

The crowd went crazy.

Punk cut a promo stating he’ll be wrestling at ROH’s All-Star Extravaganza. Cabana came out and talked crap to Punk.

So what does this have to do with the Battle Of Albany? Other than what previously was stated about it?

Well, I, like Punk and well, Cabana, left one show and went to the other.

Yes, me, in the ultimate fandom trying to get as many wrestling shows under my belt. I left The Dynasty and traveled the less than 13 miles to the IYFW show.

All to watch a debut of a wrestler.

But then again. It’s pretty heelish to do what I did. But oh well, at least CM Punk did it once.