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So after all my babbling about The Battle Of Albany did it actually affect anything in the wrestling world? Like did anybody realize what was going on?

Well, each and every week there’s the Indy Power Rankings. And they rank all of the top wrestlers and top tag team wrestlers. They do it by fan votes. And obviously those who receive the most votes get the highest ranking.

So did anyone involved in In Your Face or The Dynasty get listed to be voted?

Well, actually, yes!

Four guys and one tag team made the lists.

Only one guy from The Dynasty got listed. That was Mike Verna, the new Dynasty Champion. As he defeated Kyle Brad and 2 other men to become the first ever Dynasty Champion. Sadly, the world didn’t think this accomplishment was vote worthy. As Verna gained not on single vote.

In Your Face Wrestling’s Drake Evans and Elite Terrell also got no votes. As they both retained they’re title belts.

But the world took notice as Mad Wolf Trip gained 22 votes as he got the victory over Red Rocket in that crazy tag match. Plus he went on to defeat Jay Flyier at EPWE. His 22 votes were not nearly enough to crack the top 5. He did however get the top 7 in online voting.

The final and biggest winners were the Indy Card Mafia, the team of Thomas Brewington and Eric Emanon. As they won the crazy 4 team tag match at In Your Face they went on to lose to Jaded Virus at EPWE. But that didn’t affect their votes. As they gained 319 votes to get nearly 43 percent of the vote.

While the votes didn’t come out, I have a small feeling not many in the area were watching the Indy Power Rankings. Or even know about it. But it’s something that has helped numerous promotions, wrestlers and fans a like for finding not only the best independent wrestlers but some of the great up and comers.

Congratulations to all that were added to the vote and most congrats go to the Indy Card Mafia. As they were the People’s Champions!

I guess it’s kind of hard to compete with tag teams like The Wolves and the Young Bucks. But they’re getting their name out there!