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Starting today I will be going on an adventure… But where? It’s a pretty fun thing to find new places that you’ve never been to. And it’s even more fun to actually visit those places.

I’m currently working on where my day will go. I’m looking to cross the mighty Hudson River. But you never know where I will end up.

I’ve ventured in numerous areas and places that I have discovered. Yes, they may have been previously been discovered. But I’m just pretending to be the second coming of Christopher Columbus.

Visiting cemeteries are pretty interesting, hiking around the woods and visiting various State Parks is cool too. But the question of where is always a good one to have. Especially seeing there are so many great places to visit.

The other day on one of my adventures I visited a welcome center and raided their inventory of brochures, magazines and maps. I’m currently working on the end result. But basically the best thing to do is pick a spot on the map and go.

It’s so fun, it’s so easy. And it’s even cheaper than ever thanks to our numerous wars in the Middle East to lower the gas prices. Plus having a newer car and a few extra pennies doesn’t hurt.

The only problem is the weather. You don’t want to be visiting the outside world when it’s raining or heaven forbid it’s snowing. So hopefully you can get the weather to help you out. Then again there’s always a numerous amount of museums and various other places to learn cool things.

Can’t always be visiting malls and movie theaters. Plus laying around the house all day is pretty damn boring too!

So get out there and go. Or at least message me and let me know where I should go!