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Yesterday may have been the first Sunday for football but it was also a big day in the life and times of me. Especially for my incoherent babbling. As I sat down with the guy who I’ve made numerous ventures with on the road to various random back wood towns. Spending way too many hours watching and talking about sweaty half naked men touching each other.

Eh.. that might have been the most awkward and anti-homobobic description of wrestling of all time.


What I’m trying to get to is that I sat down with the legendary Big Rob and filmed, audio recorded or what have you a thing we’re calling a podcast. The actual name – we don’t know. The final product? Not to be seen for years.

Until we’re rich and famous, maybe.

So first, no, we have yet to place this podcast, or us talking about wrestling and being completely unscriped about it. Yes, unscripted indeed. Someone, not naming names, forgot to write down his thoughts, keywords not to say, and well, we only went on a few topics. A few topics that we surely jumped around and hardly stayed on track.

Doing our best not to offend the boys in the back. But the entire time putting them on point and blasting them whenever we could.

Now to help clarify even more so. The podcast isn’t one of those big time podcasts that you may or may not have seen on the WWE Network by a bald headed fellow who hails from Texas and brags about his bottom line. We didn’t video tape it, we just recorded the audio. And by any means did we use the most high tech equipment known to man.

However the upside of all is that we actually stopped the talk about doing it and actually talked. It may not be the best damn podcast in the world, it actually might be the single worst. But it was done, and it will help us attempt another one.

Did we talk about anything noteworthy? Anything the boys in the back might be offended about? Yes, no and maybe to a little.

We wrote down a few subjects, a few hot topics if you will. We talked about the WWE a little, talked about the invasion between Jeff Jarrett’s current company and his former. We briefly mentioned a little bit about the Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500, a publication that shall be burned to the ground and pooped on. We talked about a bunch of local wrestling shows coHJeming up this month. From the Big Time Wrestling event in Glens Falls, New York to 2CW’s double shot at the end of the month.

We brought up the infamous Hulk Hogan enziguri kick. And we even praised some up and coming wrestler named The Prototype. Because we have big hopes for that kid who was born and raised in the great state of Massachusetts.

Regardless of how actually bad it is or how terrible we’re perceiving it to be. It’s done. We recorded. And we’re looking to do it one more time! Especially for the boys in the back.

So whenever we get to making sure the audio is loud enough and we’ve edited out all the “ums”, dumbs and sounds of us eating cheese doodles we’ll present it to you.

Until then keep your ear to the ground and your face in the sky. And oh, make sure someone gets a photo of that. Because it might be a little bit hilarious.