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Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys went down on Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Suffering from a broken clavicle. He will be sidelined for a bunch of weeks. Like seven or eight.

Brandon Weeden came in to replace Romo. He went on to complete all seven passes for 73 yards. Which included 42-yard touchdown pass to Terrance Williams to put the game away.

But while that may be the big story it isn’t. The big story is the fact that Jerry Jones is a constant promotor. Like a circus ring leader from back in the day.

“This quarterback Weeden can drive the ball down field,” Jones said. “He’s a thing of beauty on throwing a football. His passing motion and his arm, frankly, you won’t see a more gifted passer, power, accuracy, the entire aspect of it. If he can basically prepare, be the starting quarterback, come in and execute and keep his head right, then I feel good about Weeden.”

A quote like that would surely make one think that there would be no changes in Dallas regarding their quarterback. That yes Romo is hurt, but they’re going forward with this Weeden guy. That this Weeden guy could easily weather the storm and there would be no need to go out and get another quarterback.

But it’s not Jerry Jones saying this. It’s been a plague throughout the entire Dallas Cowboys organization. Even their Cowboys quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson chimed in with how great Weeden is.

“Certainly we think Weeden has really progressed. As Wilson said, he’s just not the same guy that we had last year. He’s progressed that much. He said that before we had this issue with Tony. I think we all feel good about what we got,” Jones said.

But that all changed when the news broke that the Cowboys traded away a 2017 fifth-round pick to the Buffalo Bills for Matt Cassel and a 2017 seventh-round pick.

WHAT!? But they said he’s such a great quarterback!?

Well, maybe they lied.

But then again what happens if Weeden goes down? They have Kellen Moore. And well, yeah, I can see all of you thinking to yourself who the hell is that. So maybe going after Cassel was a good idea.

Then again, Cassel hasn’t had consistent success in a while. He has the fourth lowest QBR since 2012 among players with at least 500 plays. The lowest? Brandon Weeden.

But heck he did a great job back when he was the back up for Tom Brady in New England right? That’s what got him those big contracts. But that was then and this is now. Maybe a change of scene, again, would help.

That’s if the golden boy Weeden gets hurt.