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This Sunday will be just another night of independent wrestling, but actually it won’t be. It will be another 2CW event for me to sit and mark out to. But it will be the first time at the forever famous Pastime Athletic Club as 2CW presents Then. Now. Forever.

As the case for all 2CW events it features talent that are the top of their game. The amount of wrestlers who are on the verge of being signed by WWE is well, insane. As this event and the event night are being altered because of two top tier wrestlers being signed by the dreaded E. As Rich Swann and Biff Busick are moving on to the world created by that evil bastard Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

But don’t worry there’s plenty of names, plenty of talent and 2CW is always finding, creating and reinventing their roster to continue to be the top independent wrestling promotion in not only the country but in the entire world.

The main event is a showcase of the top talent featured on Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling as well as that little company run by Dixie Carter currently still called Total Non-Stop Action. It’s those Young Bucks taking on the Dojo Boys which is Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards. It’s a match made in heaven, because it was made 10 months ago but due to injuries and whatever it was delayed and now, well it’s on like a fat nerd playing Donkey Kong.

This match will be that one match you will tell you’re children about, if you ever have children. This match has to make the Young Bucks actually think twice that those fancy 2CW Tag Team Titles might actually disappear from their grasp. You will see super kicks, suplexes and a few wrestling moves that will make you say what the. This will defiantly be the best tag team match you’ll see in a long time.

Your Captain, my Captain and everyone’s Captain will be putting his 2CW Heavyweight Championship on the line against The Man, that’s Kevin “The Man” Graham. Is this a match in which Graham will seek revenge for Captain Nick Ando defeating his tag team partner. Or is this Graham’s chance to showcase the 2CW world and his  tag team partner Brute VanSlyke that he’s a man to reckon with!

We all know that the Monday event has a lot to do with Ando and his championship as it might be the last possible chance for Sean Carr to get his chance of becoming the champion. So will Ando be looking past Graham, will he worry more about Ando. And what about that Jason Axe guy!? What if Graham does win!? Will we see a four way dance on Monday night!?

Speaking of Sean Carr he was supposed to tag with Jay Freddie against the team of Biff Busick and Ted Goodz, but Biff is off to Connecticut. So what will happen here? Will we see Ted find a partner? Or will we see this turned into a three way dance. If so wow, can you imagine the awesomeness that could occur right here. We all know Freddie is one of the greats, Carr has become the new face of 2CW and Goodz, well, Goodz is good! But then again this is Freddie’s epic return to 2CW!

We will see a rematch from July as Cheech, yes, that guy, will take on Speedball” Mike Bailey. The last time we saw these two men it was a match that stole the show. It originally was supposed to be Bailey versus JT Dunn, but do to injury we got to see Cheech put on a clinic and showcased he’s more than just working man.

We were see the epic return of a Syracuse legend as Brute VanSlyke finally returns to Syracuse as he battles “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy and some guy named Moose. Oh, wait. That Moose guy is a big time Ring Of Honor guy and former Syracuse Orange football player. Everyone was over psyched that Brute finally returned from Japan at the last 2CW show, but the fans already seem to be siding with Moose. But Gacy is not one to sleep on. As he’s slowly becoming a 2CW guy.

SuperCop Dick Justice teams with Jessica Havok as they battle Pepper Parks and well, this is where we have a problem. Pepper Parks was originally scheduled to team with his special friend Cherry Bomb, but she went and got injured and don’t forget to buy her shirt on ProWrestlingTees.com

But this match has had so much problems with it from not only Cherry Bomb, but originally Angelina Love was scheduled and I think 20 other female wrestlers but due to injury, pregnancy and President Obama it has changed greatly. So maybe we’ll just see Dick Justice and Pepper Parks in a Lex Luger mirror off.

We will also see Jason Axe versus “Slyck” Wagner Brown in a epic battle between two former 2CW Heavyweight Champions. A match that will certainly force the 2CW office to realize SWB is back and a force to be reckon with. And much like what I previously said about Ando looking past his match, we might see Axe looking past SWB because of his title match the next night

The man formerly known as Guy Sunshine, but please don’t reference him that. It’s Michael Christopher with a open challenge. Who will step up to the new force of 2CW?

Plus we will see a very special appearance by Isys Ephex. Which is code for an extra piss break. Because honestly if anyone actually likes Isys is quite shocking to me. I just don’t understand this guy. I don’t understand this character, what really is Isys? I mean seriously, the dude for the past year or two has been just there. He doesn’t care and is just showing up to ruin it.

And we will see the likes of “Studly” Steve McKenzie, Guero Loco, Bin Hamin, EMT, Pete D Order, and whoever this Benjamin Boone guy is.

Oh my did I completely forget about the opening match!? It’s going to be a 30 minute Iron man match featuring AR Fox and Colin Delaney! This match could go all night long… All night! This feud has been building and is getting oh so good. It’s a feud that makes the wrestling world go round. It’s a feud that we all want to see. It’s a feud that makes Vincent Kennedy McMahon wish he knew one thing about wrestling. It will be poetry in motion, it will be oh so great!

So with all that said please do yourself a favor and get in a car, a truck, a bus, or a plane and get yourself to Syracuse, New York, America and attend this show!

Get your tickets now!