A few weeks, if not months ago, I stumbled upon one of the single greatest things in the history of well, everything. I stumbled upon SUPER HUMMAN!

No I did not forget to run spell check. This kids name really is Super Humman, with two M’s. Why you ask. Because he is better than any other human in the world of worlds!

You may have seen a video of his, or maybe you’re one of his biggest fans. For those who don’t know let me explain the myth that is Super Humman.

He is the king of stunts. He’s a stunt man.

You see he posts videos of him doing weird, stupid things like jumping threw a table or he’ll take a stapler and send staples into his arm.

He is the single best thing on the internet today. Not only because of his legendary stunt videos. But the fact that numerous people go onto his Facebook page and try and blast him. They call him Fake. And he freaks out.

It’s hilarious!

But most importantly he’s doing something that no one else in the world is doing and that’s putting himself out there and doesn’t care if it comes off as a complete idiot. Because really all he is doing is entertaining the masses.

For more check out and like his Facebook page.

Or check out these videos I’ve selected for your viewing pleasure!