The other day, post or whatever I started talking about how I was beginning to go through my sporting cards. And well, as I started this I had used Google Docs, and they have a thing similar to Microsoft Excel and while listing the cards I had a few categories that I thought would be quite important to match things up. Like you know to find the cards value.

Outside of the obvious condition. Because I’m not going to say that this one ripped up card is in bad condition. In my mind it’s in mint. Very mint condition. Because after all mints suck.

Just Something To Think About

Just Something To Think About

So I have a few basic categories such as brand of company, name of player, the card year and what sport it is. Because you know knowing these things would help me narrow down it all.

Well, after doing about 16 or so of these cards I realized I forgot a huge monumental category. That being the year.

As I realized this, luckily only a few cards in, I stopped and quickly added it.

But isn’t it funny.

I mean after all, thinking that the years do matter. Because yeah, they do. We as a overall people try and showcase that the years don’t matter. We tend to forget about them. Or some of us lie about them. We say we’re younger than we are. Or even older so we can get alcohol or something of the sort.

While I first break down all these cards, it makes me realize that as in my case of forgetting this, the years do matter. For the years of me collecting these cards, gathering them, going out of my way, they do matter.

And while one day this little project will be done and finished. All the cards sorted and organized. It’ll be nice to know that for all these years it’s mattered. While it may not be a monumental thing such as a child or a pet. It’s almost like that. It’s been a part of me for so many years.

Oh well, that’s just a thought.

Back to sorting..