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A little more than half way through my stay-cation, you know vacation in which you stay in one place. After lots and lots of delays I have decided to sort through the old baseball cards. Some of the delays were beyond my faults. Like how was I too remember I got a new laptop a year ago and this new one doesn’t have Microsoft Excel. Or how is it my fault that I’m tired and just want to sleep all day.

Hach knows he has this card!

Hach knows he has this card!

But we’re putting all of that behind us and we’re going to start the epic lists. Lists that I have started before, but this time, hopefully, I will finish. A list I will easily list now using Google Docs so that no matter new computer or not I will be able to see and showcase to all of you who want to buy my cards. Okay, maybe nobody is reading this but there’s hope. Plus I could forget the password to Google Docs thus adding a new excuse.

So catching up on those not knowing how epic my card collection is, let me just say it’s not that epic, but it’s big. About all my life I’ve been collecting, yes, I have stopped and started again numerous times. And no I’m not one of those guys who goes out and gets that one card. I usually go out and buy a deck of cards or usually I buy a couple from the Dollar Tree. As they have those repackaged card deals for a buck.

I mean how can I possibly pass up a buck?

So about a year, maybe a little bit more I went out and ordered a bunch of white boxes so I can house all my cards in one location. Well, about 50 different locations. They hold about 800 cards are so and ever since I’ve been in the slow moving way of organizing them all into those boxes.

And let me tell you I’ve done a great job!

I filled at least one of them up.

Now basically this is a epic tale that all will follow along with. That’s why I’m writing this so you know how great it is.


Maybe I can jump for joy with finding this card!

I hope to at least sell the whole set off eventually but this is just going to be the tales of how it’s going and how at the age of 32 I can break away from a hobby I started when I was 7 years old or so.

I guess we all have to grow up sometime.

So without that said please continue to follow me on my journey as I’m calling this “Cardboarding”

How epic right!?