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When I was a younger person, in 3rd Grade, I had a teacher who was Jewish, her name was Mrs. Barasch. It was a fun class, as much as I can remember and mostly it involves G.I. Joe’s and baseball cards. I still have friends to this day that I was in that class with, many of which won’t admit it though.

There’s a story that right around this time of year, she was describing the story of Hanukkah. A story I only remember because I was told I did this. So the story goes that she was describing what Hanukkah was and was wondering if any of her students were Jewish, obviously this probably wouldn’t fly at all in this day in age.

So she goes on to explain how Hanukkah you celebrate on eight different nights and that you receive a gift on each one. And as a 3rd grader who has family living in various towns throughout the Upstate New York area I thought and still think to this day, that yes, this is me.

When she went on to explain more about Hanukkah I must have not listened, huge shocker right? She then asked the students if anyone celebrates Hanukkah. And me, being me, raised my hand. Sending huge glee into my teacher, from various reports.

At the parent teacher conference, my parents had with this teacher they went on to explain to her that our family isn’t Jewish. And that the reason I probably believed this was the case was the various different Christmas celebrations I attended. From various friends houses, a Christmas party at the local Firehouse, our own Christmas party at our house, a Christmas party at both my Grandparents houses, another Christmas party at my Big Grandma’s house and well, there were probably a handful of many other Christmas parties I attended that I can not remember.

While I’m sadly not Jewish, to much sorrow of everyone reading this. I do celebrate Christmas on numerous occasions still to this day. But sadly it’s been a few years, probably even well over a decade since I’ve actually celebrated Christmas at Big Grandma’s house.

Recently family members have been mentioning of bringing the three families, yes, there’s three families, back together for a huge Christmas celebration. But sadly there will be various people missing. As many Christmas celebrations tend to happen when time moves on.

For those wondering and I know there’s at least one or two of you, and mainly myself, this is on my father’s side of the family and it’s his mother’s side. Who sadly is one of those missing. She is pictured in the above picture on the top right with the white sweater.

The three families as I have mentioned earlier include my Grandma’s family which I’m a member of and her brother and her sister’s families as well, which they are the heads of the other two families. And no we have never heard the term mafia, I don’t know the word Godfather. Etc. Etc. Etc. But I do think the name Luca Brasi is pretty cool.

Do you have any missed Christmas family parties? And how about for bonus points can you tell where I am in this picture!? I’ll give you a hint this is from 1984 and I was born in 1983 so I’m probably a little guy.