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This weekend will be a hoot! Okay it will be longer than a weekend and hoot, I really don’t even know what that means. But regardless the fact is this is going to be the farewell song to one of the prominent wrestling companies in the entire world of worlds. Yes, I am talking about 2CW. What else would I be talking about?

Now let me put it to you this way, they have three more shows left, I’m booked at all of them, okay, maybe I just have my tickets. Secondly, I have just finished booking, yes, it works here, my hotel rooms. Two nights, two cities, and hoping for a floor for the third.

I’ve planned my trip to a T! Whatever that means. But basically I know a few before the show and pre-show and pre-pre-show begin spots.

Now where will I be? Okay, not to get everyone of my Stalker’s out there to chase me down and follow me around, I’ll be on the Western side of New York. I’ll be in Syracuse, Elmira and Binghamton. Because honestly, those are the only places to be this weekend.

For me Syracuse will be a three night adventure, split up a little bit. Elmira and Binghamton will be one night stops or romps depending what decade you believe to be living in. And outside of the wrestling related things and the sleeping things. I will be trying my best to do some site seeing as well.

Currently I’ve had a odd fascination with cemeteries, mainly because it’s a easy way to meet and greet people. Sadly though they don’t talk back. But that’s also a good thing. And well, currently looking around FindAGrave.com for cool cemeteries in the Binghamton area.

I have found numerous cemeteries but well probably go to one called Spring Forest Cemetery and it has numerous Civil War soldiers such as and not limited to Walton Dwight, Giles Waldo Hatchkiss, David Ireland, William McKean, Henry Lee Robinson, Gilbert Carlton Walker, John Cleveland Robinson, Frank W. Tremain.

The next day in Elmira I just learned they have a Civil War Prison complete with his own cemetery and I’ll be fixing to see that. According to it’s Wikipedia page, the Elmira Prison saw nearly 3,000 people died here do to the poor conditions. This will be a nice, and mainly sad, site to see. They call it the Woodlawn National Cemetery and it was built mostly by an ex slave named John W. Jones. As for the prison it self the last prisoner left the camp on September 27, 1865.

While this was built as a Civil War cemetery, it has now become a section within the Woodlawn Cemtery. Which have numerous other famous interments include Ernie Davis, Hal Roach and Mark Twain. As well as many other famous politicians and war heroes.

So obviously I have a lot of site seeing to do, or well, at least some grave stones to see. Of course I will be spending most of my short little vacation in Syracuse and may visit my Mother, my Grandmother and my Grandfather as well as a few more people that are actually alive.

Gesh I’ve turned into a very grim guy.

In Syracuse, or well, just outside I just learned at the Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn, NY there’s this lady named Harriet Tubman who is buried there. Which fits in greatly with my Civil War grave site viewings because she is famous for being an African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, and, during the American Civil War, a Union spy.

Before that I may stop at Watkins Glen and maybe even Seneca Falls. But sadly I might not be able to stop by Watkins Glen as it is currently closed due to the fact it’s usually 10 feet of snow on the ground. Well, the park is open but the gorge is not. And well, yeah, you know.

As for Seneca Falls, it’s the area based on the movie It’s A Wonderful Life, and well, last weekend they had this amazing race there. Thus the reasoning I’m coming by a week later.

Also located in the area is the Women’s Rights National Park because this is one of the main locations that ended women’s suffrage. I could also stop over to the next town of Waterloo and see a American Civil War Memorial as well as The National Memorial Day Museum, at the William H. Burton house.

Oh the things I can see. But then again the main reason for this trip is to see the last days of 2CW. Then hiding my pain in site seeing would be just as fun.