The emotions are everywhere, I have all those feels going on right now. With the closing of something that I’ve become a part of and having to know that there’s no next time. It just takes me back. Back to when I was young, back to when I first jumped on this train.

On April 19th 2014,  a night before my 31st birthday I didn’t know I would soon become a part of something that would bring out those emotions. I had attended wrestling shows before. I’ve traveled long and far. I’ve gone to shows in Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania. I walked miles just to get to a show. Yet this wasn’t the same old wrestling show.

The other promotions I’ve attended had a lot of the same talent that have since been used in this company. The amount of talent I’ve seen in those other companies and this one include huge names and even little to lesser known guys. Talent like Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Matt Hardy, Dewey Murray, Justin Credible, Christopher Daniels, The Dudleys, Colt Cabana, Dave and Jake Crist, Alex Shelley, Slyk Wagner Brown, Kevin Steen, Cheech, Roderick Strong, AJ Styles and well, a bunch more.

I’ve been to companies like Ring Of Honor, Combat Zone Wrestling, WWE, TNA, and a bunch of local independent companies like In Your Face Wrestling, World Of Hurt both brands, which is well, a whole story in itself. While they put on good shows, they just didn’t have that feel.

Over my entire life I’ve been part of moments, great ones, they just don’t touch what this company has turned me into. I was in Philly when Michael Shane and Paul London pushed it to the limit and we chanted “Please Don’t Die!”

It was cool, it wasn’t overly special. It was just a moment. Nothing like this. Nothing like the feeling I get being apart of a family. A wrestling family of people that just get it. Being part of a wrestling company that gets it.

They say it’s a company similar to the fan base that was once like ECW. I don’t know if that’s the case, I was never lucky enough to attend a ECW show. But like them, 2CW has it’s cast of characters that you can easily recognize. We have the Viking Helmet, the Original Hat Guy, we have that one guy who clarified that it was 2CW and not TCW. We have that loud mouth who yells and screams. We have fans that hate Matt Hardy. We have Grampa Cane who has handed his cane to numerous amounts of heels to help obtain victories. We have so many. And when I say we, I mean it. Because over the few years I’ve been lucky enough to attend I’ve become one. I’ve become just another one of those 2CW characters.

And as I sit here. Sitting in my grandmother’s house watching White Christmas, because we’re watching Christmas movies and I got to choose Bad Santa the other night. I reflect on what my life has become. On where my life will go. I don’t know if I’ll ever see these guys again. I don’t know if I’ll ever be apart of something so special. But I will know that I did get lucky enough to be a part of it.

Tonight we shall sleep, rest up, for tomorrow we go out with a bang. I sure as hell need to rest my voice after the last two shows. And then as tonight turns into tomorrow and we pour into the Pastime Athletic Center one last time remember this isn’t awesome. This is more than that, to steal a something from what Jack Trades said a couple days ago, this is magic.