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Photo Credit Lindsay Ruiz

Beyond Wrestling presented Final Fete on Sunday, which they have presented as their final show ever at the Fete music hall in Providence, Rhode Island. And as I only lived a few hours away and recently watched another final wrestling event I figured why not. It also didn’t hurt that a few of the gang would also be around.

So after much hesitation and doubt I decided to head out to Fete one last time. The past week has been tough, wrestling sucks right? With being there when 2CW closed it’s doors and now watching Beyond Wrestling leaving is wrestling really dying?

There really was only one way to find out. And that’s watch as Beyond Wrestling showcases itself and shows the world what they’re all about!

The day started out over at the Chop Shop for the Secret Show which is a presentation of up and coming talent. It’s located about a block or so away from Fete, where the main show was to be held. I’ve been here three different times and each time have enjoyed the show. Seeing some great talent from Brute VanSlyke, Colin Delaney, Brian Cage, David Starr, Drew Gulak, Cono Claxton, Joey Janela and many many others.

I once saw M1nute Men taken on Team Friendship in which saw a Chicken Fight break out between the two teams. Where they climb atop their partners shoulders and fought. It was pretty funny. And amazing as well.


After parking somewhere near Fete and walking over, I found it shocking the line that awaited me, it was out the door and down the stairs. Usually there isn’t much of a line and the turn out isn’t too big. But maybe for the final show in the area it was something a lot of people were looking to attend.

We got in and unlike the last two times I had attended I had to find a seat in the third row, the other two times I found a spot in the front row. Oh well, it’s not like it’s a big deal, after all there’s only a few rows of seats any how.

As you can see it’s a small training ring and well, like I said it’s up a flight of stairs. It’s a interesting spot. I enjoy watching the shows up here for a various of reasons. Like there usually lesser known wrestlers who are looking to make a name for themselves. And well, other wrestlers are usually sitting around watching. As I found out from my first appearance when I accidentally tripped Dave Cole.


This possible final Secret Show saw a bunch of names I have seen and a few I’ve never seen before. The newer team of Massage NV really impressed me with their comedy as they played two massage guys complete with various oils and of course towels to clean it up. They faced the team of John Silver and Rex Lawless “Silver” in which I can only tell you was the show stealer. The team of Massage NV would “massage” Silver and Lawless numerous times and make it well, quite funny. They the had a sweet move where the one guy poured oil over the back of one and the chest of his and slid off and into Silver into the corner.

Other matches saw Conor Claxton take on Xavier Bell and we saw a thumb wrestling match as 2Buff took on Francis Kip Stevens. Plus during the main event which ended up being a “Sh*ty Six” match featuring Da Hoodz and Anthony Stone vs Cam-An Connection and.  Da Hoodz would end up turning on Anthony Stone and beat down members of the Cam-An Connection and performing a outside move to Anthony Greene of Cam-An Connection, and after he gathered some consciousness he was brought to the back. As the match continued Da Hoodz continued to beat down on Cameron Zagami as Anthony Stone got more and more frustrated that they were just going for the complete destruction rather than actually going for the win. Which lead to Stone attempting to stop Da Hoodz just as Hanson’s Mmmbop song hit, a song that the Young Bucks have come out to numerous times.

Wait… where the Young Bucks really going to be coming out at Beyond Wrestling’s Secret Show!?

And well, it wasn’t actually them, but it got Da Hoodz a little afraid. It turned out to be Anthony Greene dressed as a Young Buck. He came to the ring two sweeting people and then delivered a few super kicks to Da Hoodz and Anthony Stone. It was pretty cool, and sadly we all know that the Young Bucks won’t be appearing for Beyond Wrestling for some time due to them signing an exclusive deal with Ring Of Honor.

The show wrapped up and it was time to go wait for the main show over at Fete.


I met up with a few of the 2CW front row crew. As we waited patiently for the show to start.

We all headed over before the show to the fantastic Championship Melt food truck. I got myself a Poutine. Which was delicious!


And then after waiting a little bit more…

And waiting some more…

We stood in line and entered the building. But not before showing ID, our tickets and getting our hand stamped not once, not twice and well, not even just three times but FOUR TIMES!

It was stamping crazy!


At Fete it’s standing room only. Well, aside from a small area on the stage where you can sit.

And they have a bar, where you can buy various drinks. And during the wrestling shows you can get a drink called Super Kick’d and well, we got some. I’m not sure of the recipe but it was pretty good.


You can also get a Narragansett beer. It’s local for the area and it’s not too bad. It’s the cheapest beer you can get at 4 dollars most of the others are about 6 bucks.

As you can also tell there’s an upstairs and a downstairs. If you can upstairs it’s a better view of the wrestling. But if you’re on the ground floor you can get as close to the ring as possible. But beware there’s flying wrestlers.

The matches for the Fete Finale were a mixture of revenge matches, dream matches and well overall damn good ones. The line up included some of the top names in the game and some names of guys that have been a mainstay in wrestling since my first trip to Philly back in 2002 for Ring Of Honor.

Things were going to be good and it was going to be a night to remember as Beyond Wrestling would push it to the limit in the last ever show at Fete.

The show started with the Fans Bring The Weapons match as Matt Tremont took on Suge D. There were various different fan made weapons from a cookie sheet with thumbtacks glued on to a Christmas present filled with thumbtacks and just a bunch of randoms. There was even one of those talking fish wall decorations. The match saw a table with mouse traps being used and finally saw Tremont winning the match with a death valley driver into a barbed wire wrapped Christmas tree.

As they cleaned up the ring, they ended up taking the entire ring mat up and wrapping all the plunder into it. While this was happening we saw a impromptu confrontation between Team Pazuzu, the team of EYFBO, Pinkie Sanchez & Jaka lead by Larry Legend and the Crusade for Change which saw TJ Marconi, Darius Carter, Tommy Trainwreck and the debuting Anthony Gangone. Pazuzu would conquer this battle but the war is far from over as we’ll probably see more of these battles in time to come.

Next up was the mystery tag partner match which saw Matthew Riddle bring out Drew Gulak to be his mystery partner to take on “Cold Steel” Chuck O’Neil & “Dream Catcher” Eric Spicely. This was a match in which I only personally cheered Gulak, mainly because I’m not familiar with the other three guys. It ended up with Riddle getting busted open and then he got the win as he quickly rolled up O’Neil for the victory. Like the previous encounter this match would probably be replayed as O’Neil was not accepting of the loss he just suffered.

David Starr and Brian Fury was up next. Starr has seemingly become more of a fan favorite over the last few months since my last visit to Fete when he was the villain who challenged the injured Dave Cole to a match. Fury on the other hand with his new look is just getting real good reactions too. But I miss that old dirty black wife beater. Oh, those jeans. Why oh why did he have to actually start dressing like a wrestler!?


This match was pretty good. As I watched it from downstairs they spilled out onto the floor a couple times and Fury would end up winning it with a pop up powerbomb into a Boston Crab. The two ended up shaking hands at the end of the match. Clearly seeing a new nicer David Starr.

Just before intermission we would see Da Hit Squad take on Strong Style Thugs the team of Homicide and Low Ki. I had first seen Low Ki wrestle back in 2002 when I first attended ROH’s Unscripted and was amazed by him then and would still be amazed by him on this night. As for Homicide I saw him the following year when I went back to watch ROH at Beating The Odds when he battled Trent Acid, who has sadly passed on.

This match was a beat down match as all four men should their power. Low Ki impressed as always as Da Hit Squad brought the brutality. The finish for the match was ended when Pinkie Sanchez jumped in and tried to attack all four men. Pinkie would attempt to bring in the rest of Team Pazuzu into this but they backed off as they didn’t want anything to do with these four legends. Sanchez ended up getting destroyed by all. Sending vibes that this could be the end of Team Pazuzu.


Once intermission ended we got to see the Pick Your Poison match, which saw JT Dunn and Joey Janela’s feud heat up a little bit more. Each would pick each others opponent for the night. Janela’s proponent would be the 2CW Heavyweight Champ Sami Callihan. Which was one of the main reasons I came all the way to Rhode Island, because I wanted to see him wrestle one more time this month.


Much like Sean Carr in Watertown, New York at the 2CW Dead On Arrival show, Janela was in the wrong place at the wrong time! While Janela had some decent in-ring action Sami was just too much and ended up with his first victory in a Beyond Wrestling ring since his return from “Mexico.” The only thing that upset me was the crowds reaction to this match, to well, mainly to Sami. They chanted NXT and tried to poke fun of the fact he left. Which for a independent wrestling crowd just saddened me. Here’s a dude who was sick and tired of how he was treated and left on his own accord. For someone who’s followed Callihan, it was good to hear a few “Crowe Is Dead” chants, mainly by me. As well as “Death Machine” chants. Plus I heard a few 2CW chants. But then again, we all know who those chants originated from.

After gaining the victory by submission with the Stretch Muffler, we saw JT Dunn run in and attack Janela setting up the next match as Chris Hero came out to stop Dunn. This match would prove very brutal and would see a number of Death By Elbow’s.

Dunn controlled the early part of the match as Hero would wind up winning and helping Dunn to the back. Maybe regaining their friendship or maybe not. But who could recover a team that was destroyed by that piledriver!

Next up was Donovan Dijak and Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa got the quick win within like 20 seconds into the match as he hit a knee to the head of Dijak. But after a quick run in from a outside referee it was revealed that Ciampa’s knee pad was loaded with a metal plate. The match was restarted and it was as brutal a match as one would ever see.

As you can tell this was just a beat down by the two men. Both doing their best to kill off the other.

The main event which was just a public affairs nightmare type match it saw Chris Dickinson take on Kimber Lee. A match that has been in the works for months, and this was dubbed as the Final Encounter. Those on the outside would think why would a man take on a woman. And the internet blew up because of these two previous encounters as a few months ago we saw Dickinson hit Kimber Lee with a Pazuzu power bomb.

And everyone said how bad that was.

But she came out and said listen I’m not a Diva, I’m a wrestler.

This match started quickly as Kimber Lee jumped from the top of the balcony onto Dickinson. Dickinson would show why women and men shouldn’t wrestle as he would constantly get the upper hand and just destroy Princess Kimber Lee. At one point Kimber Lee set up two chairs in the ring and challenged Dirty Daddy to a slap fight. Which resulted in Kimber Lee once again getting knocked around. Dirty Daddy would end up getting the victory using Kimber Lee’s own submission finisher the Alligator Clutch.

After the match the two shook hands only to see Dickinson then just straight up kick Kimber Lee in the face. Which saw Dijak who was standing outside the ring get pissed off and stop Dickinson from hitting a Pazuzu Bomb. The two did a epic stare down as suddenly Pinkie Sanchez pushed through us and entered the ring. Only to reveal that it wasn’t Pinkie Sanchez. That it was Sami Callihan! Sami was wearing the jacket and a mask that Pinkie had previously worn.

Sami and Dickinson would team up and attack Dijak and throw on a double stretch muffler. Sami grabbed the microphone and declared the rebirth of United States Death Machine. A tag team the two had formed years previously.


As the show ended leaving a few questions unanswered but leaving me quite satisfied. The final Fete for Beyond Wrestling proved to be one thing and that was brutal! As every single match on the card was a tough hitting contest that would make one wonder how those involved survived.

The future of Beyond Wrestling, one that I had previously pondered, would continue on. As they announced they will be returning to Somerville, Massachusetts and bring in Zack Sabre Jr. They’re calling the show “The Dream Left Behind” And it will be held January 31st, for tickets click here!

Seeing as this may be the last ever time Beyond Wrestling runs in the area it’s going to be hard to describe how special it was to attend a secret show and then walk a block or so and attend more wrestling. I’m not sure if they’ll be able to find something like this or if we’ll ever find something like this. But it was fun and it was a great run.

Personally I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend the next Beyond Wrestling show, granted it’s only about 15 minutes longer of a drive. So it’s not too much significance, but I’m not sure if it’ll be as special as it was. They have ran this venue before and I’ve heard it’s quite similar but can only house 300 fans compared to the around 400 that Fete held.

So if you ever have the opportunity go ahead and attend a Beyond Wrestling show. Because it’s fun and it’s great to interact with the fans and wrestlers who hang out and watch the show.


I would like to thank Lindsay Ruiz for the use of some of her pictures and videos.