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Life is funny, it comes at you every day, yet you’re rarely ready for it.

Over the past year or so, I’ve gained a lot more friends. With my wrestling expeditions to my Twitter friends, I’ve met a lot of new people and it’s a great thing. With that I’ve also found a passion for writing again. Something that I’ve done well, most of my life.

Running Hachland has been a small passion of mine for the past oh, let’s say 17 years… ehh… Has it really been that long? I think I do have posts dated back from 1999. Ugh…

Hold on a second. Let me feel old for a minute.

Okay, let’s get back to this getting organized. I mean, honestly how come I’m not?

So the beginning of Hachland, the website of glory, saw many face changes. I learned how to HTML and went crazy. Okay, maybe a little crazy. And every so often instead of making fresh new content, I would change the entire website around. And then I would look at it and find something I didn’t like and well, I would completely change it again.

Some of my friends that have been around since day one of Hachland can contest of this. They thought I was crazy, they’d tell me just to write, to create content. But I would redesign and redesign. There’s tons of different ways Hachland has looked. The past few years? There’s been a couple too. But this one, you’re currently viewing is the main one.

And it will soon see slight changes.

But that’s all if I can get organized. On this WordPress I have over 1,000 posts. There’s probably a bunch I have lost because well, GeoCities shut down and I never had the time to acquire everything I had put on there. And I did put a lot of stuff on there. I had multiple accounts and well, there was even other web hosting sites I had used.

Maybe I’ll gather them all.

The 1,000 or so posts I have on WordPress do date back from the beginning. Some of them are from other people who at one time wrote for Hachland. You see, I wasn’t the only one who wrote. I attempted to have Hachland to be a internet magazine site. It failed. But I still have all that content.

Wow! Yes, I have a lot of content, imagine that.

In the days of the beginning I would design sites, and sub-sites and whatever you will and it would be super organized. But have no content. And now… I don’t have that organization but I have so much content.

And that’s just what I have on WordPress. Here comes where you might start thinking I’m a hoarder.

In my apartment I have stacks, piles, boxes and even bags full of stuff. From DVDs, CDs, T-shirts, baseball cards, hats, video games, VHS tapes, and about 20 other hobbies and yet… I’m not organized.

So maybe to go on yesterday’s post about New Year, New You – How You Should Make A New Year’s Resolutions And Stick To It. I will make a one right now. I will get organized.

Or at least pretend I did.

What will this entail? It will entail a lot. It will probably be very epic and well, take forever and a day. So bare with me. Remind me that I’m doing it. Give me tips. Because honestly I have no clue where to start. All I know is I want it to be finished already.

I’ll be using Hachland to help me get organized. As I use WordPress, it can easily help me. They have Categories and Tags. And well, I just have to decide which one’s to use.

I have main topics I talk about, sub topics I talk about and well, just random things. But getting them all in one place that’d be great.

And again… bare with me.

I don’t know how I’m going to organize them all, maybe I’ll start form day one and go from there. Hopefully though I don’t change my mind half way through.

One thing I know is I will be working on a splash page where I will work on all of this. Which for those who aren’t understanding of websites and WordPress, it’ll be the main page. It’ll be the page when you enter https://hachland.wordpress.com or click on the Hachland banner with Big Rob’s, Emo Eric’s and My Face on the top of this.

But then again, I’ll never get organized. I’ll forget and drive myself crazy with something else.

Then again, maybe I should do this for once. It could make my life better. And yours too!