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It’s time to review the 2015 review, or rather write something just to keep the streak of writing. A newer friend I’ve made in the year of 2015 named PJ, has a blog and he did this, so I’ll do it too! Please don’t dread this… But please visit his blog A ‘lil Hoohaa.

Outside of the various locations I have visited, and not written about, WordPress has helped me with showcasing the things I did, sadly only the things I wrote about because if you look at what I did and haven’t reported on this website is a cavalcade of madness. But that’ll be for another post I suppose, as I look back on all the photos I have taken.

This post, it’s all about what WordPress has told me I did.

According to their fancy report and by fancy I mean wow, that’s pretty fancy and elaborate. Case in point being that they have, which I’ll probably share, have actually written sentences, organized things and made a very well designed page. They said and I quote “A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,600 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.”

Which doesn’t sound amazing to some, but to me, that’s pretty amazing! Especially seeing previous years I haven’t gotten nearly that much. So if you’re reading this and you visited back in 2015 thank you. And if you’re visiting for the first time, well, just keep checking back and I’ll thank you next year.

My most popular post was the one I wrote about 2CW about a month ago. Not only did it get me mentioned on the 2CW FanCast but it also go me my most viewed post. It got a total of 250 views, which again, isn’t amazing, but it’s pretty amazing when I didn’t share it with anyone, I just wrote it and let the people share it. If you haven’t read it, please go ahead and read it. It’s the ever so famous So Long And And Thanks For All The

They have pointed on my posting patterns….

Which well… are terrible. It isn’t my worst year, but it surely isn’t my best.

My best day is Monday, in which I have posted 11 times. Which is well, quite obviously to me because it’s a day off from work. As over this past year I have had the work schedule of Tuesday night through Friday night and Wednesday night through Saturday night. Yes, if you haven’t known me, I work night crew. The hours suck, the money well, it helps me take trips and stuff.

Onto the sad news of this, I had a streak of 3 days in a row in which I blogged, wrote or whatever you want to call it. And only posted 41 times. Yes, only having 41 posts total with 6,600 views. I guess that’s a good ratio for someone who’s not famous nor paying for views.

January, May, June, July and November all saw not one single post from me. While August, September and December are the only months I posted more than 2 times. But I do have a lot of unfinished posts, and will one day finish them. Or you know… not finish them.

As for my top five posts viewed for the year sadly only three of which are actually from the year. Two others are obvious not. I guess one of them is viewed more so than others because I used the word “porn” in the title.

The other famous posts for the year not including the one’s from previous years include

Outside of me telling people about a post, I have a few people coming from my Facebook page, my Twitter page and as well as my Pinterest page that I have updated in however long. Which all can be found by following these links as well as my Instagram page and YouTube which has some videos I’ve taken:

They also mention that over a 100 different countries has visited Hachland. No that’s an amazing stat. 100 different countries is like just wow. That’s even counting one person from Paraguay. Like did you even know that was a country!?

On to who actually visited, like the individuals, we’re just going to mention people who commented. Because all others are just make believe. And well, the known people are the previously mentioned PJ, over at A ‘lil Hoohaa. As well as The Wrestling Professor . Plus one of my favorite aunt-cousins, you know, someone who could be my aunt but also is a cousin, over at Mohawk Valley Girl. And who can forget the lovable lllindsayy who supports me so much!

And well, I’ll try and forget Cassius Cutcher because I did before.

So that’s it. That’s all they posted. What a year! Or well, I can’t believe we survived this year. For me personally, 2015 was fairly disappointing. I did do a lot of traveling, sight seeing, wrestling watching but my personal life is annoying me. Especially my work. But that’s another rambling for another day. Now I’ll bunker down and keep writing, keep posting and work on not stopping because stopping… that’s when we fail.