The other day I talked about how I was going to organize my life, mainly Hachland. And well, let me tell you how far I’ve gotten. Don’t worry, this won’t take long.

I have started working on a main page and have listed all of the categories I have. Which is only wrestling basically. Because I have nearly 80 percent of my posts listed in Uncatagoriezed.

So I got to a point where I was trying to organize things by sorting them into different categories and I got to like the sixth ever post I have on WordPress. One that’s from 2000 and it’s about making Hachland better and saying how I’m trying to organize things and what not so I didn’t know what to name the category as. Like should it just be Continued Lies I Tell Myself or Site News or what?

I jumped around thinking to myself what to name it, I thought why don’t I go and look at what Hachland used to look like. So I went to my trusty friend aka Google and searched “Hachland Geocities.” Now knowing Geocities has since been closed down by Yahoo I know not much would come up. But there is still some stuff around such as hosted by Geocities.WS

As I’m looking around minus the familiar broken links that I created there’s a lot of broken images and poor coding. Mainly because the HTML language has changed and well, it’s been reformatted because it’s not on the original site. Plus all those banners and stupid advertisements.

I have already reviewed this page a few years ago in a article I wrote called Remembering HachNation. But if you want the authentic feel you can check the website out by clicking these words I’m typing. But beware I either didn’t have spell check back then or just didn’t care.

But a funny thing about that page and what I’m currently doing is that well I said the following:

“In order for Hachland to finally return as a full we are currently searching every database we have ever used, known or thought of using to capture and recapture not only the rest of our magic slash mojo, but of all our famous past columns, stories, tales, pictures, cartoons and whatever else we do have.

We will hopefully have everything found and everything back up and running by Tuesday the 20th of September. Which means that at that time there is only seven months remaining to our six year anniversary. So stay tuned for the return and the future of the best there is out there!”

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get organized, but at least I’m trying now. I have been working on making categories for the first few posts I’ve made and sadly I know I’ve lost a lot because I never dropped money down for a domain hosting site. But oh well, I can always write more.

For the rest of tonight I’ll be working on the posts from 2000, and hopefully have them completed by tonight. At least I have the posts from 1999 completed, until I change my mind.