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Hi, hello, welcome.

So I’ll be participating in a blog challenge for the next 20 days, or well, 4 weeks, because that’s what the rules are. One of my friends, let’s call him PJ for fun, has a blog, and it’s called A ‘lil Hoohaa. And he has started a challenge called 20 Days Of Chill Writing Challenge.


This challenge will take part on weekdays, which due to my work schedule I’m confused what are. There’s different themes for each day and I’ll be partaking in this and writing about them and all. It will be something that I will try and finish through so look forward and motivate me.

Outside of PJ, there will be various other people participating. Most of which are people I have no clue who are. But I’ll try to interact with them and share and all that good stuff. So if you’re reading this and participating please contact me or comment on this post. Let’s get weird! Or at least interactive!

Today’s theme is…

Who Are You?

My name is Sean, but people call me Hach, mainly because that’s like my name as well. I have gone by various other names as well, but those are for jokes, wrestling and well, for various internet websites.

I was born in Syracuse, New York, America and I now currently reside in Colonie, New York. I’ve lived in numerous places and towns from Schenectady to Gloversville to Solvay to Guilderland. I stayed in those locations for a couple of years from various ages in my life. But the majority of my life in a town called Ravena.

We moved there the summer before I joined the 2nd Grade and moved out of there about 4 and a half years ago. It was a great place to live, it was a old farm house and well, it had a lot of barns and acres we could use. And well, we used a few of the barns for my backyard wrestling career. I have mentioned this in other posts and will probably mention it again, it was the good old Albany Championship Wrestling.

The house is still standing, but nobody lives there now. It has been left abandon and well, nobody can fill that house like my family did.

Here’s a picture of what it used to look like back when I was a young whippersnapper. You can see my bike and my brother’s bike in front of the house.


Oh yeah, I have a brother.


That’s us at his like first birthday or something. We have gotten a little older. He recently got engaged to his well, now fiance. I wish him all the luck, but then again I’m lucky just to have a younger brother.

Speaking of being lucky, I was real lucky to make the local newspaper in my last ever football game I played in during High School. I had played football since I turned 8 years old. The year before I played soccer and well, hated it. But football was fun.


Fast forward to 2008 I met this girl named Lindsay. We have one of those relationships where we love traveling and visiting new restaurants. In 2011 we moved in together and have lived together ever since. And continue enjoying the new things life throws at us.


Sadly during our second year a huge travesty happened. My mom got sick and then she passed away.


I miss her every day.

It was and still is the biggest loss in my life. And it hurt my family very much.

Six months after my mother passed away her grandmother would pass away. She was 99 years old. My mom was 47.

Each year in July we would go out to Wellsville, where my great grandmother lived and visit her. They held a annual balloon rally and we would attend this event every year up until the year she passed away. Where we would visit it one last time and say goodbye.


My uncle and my aunt would visit Wellsville once a year since, but up until a few weeks ago I hadn’t returned. But I did. And it was a very good idea. But sadly our family has since sold her house and I’ll never be able to sleep on the glider.


Speaking of Wellsville, it’s where my Grandmother, Ma, was born. She lived there until she met this guy, his name is Da. They married and this year would have been their 56th anniversary. But sadly my grandfather has passed away  in 2012.


He was a great man and I wish he was still around. He had the greatest stories as you can see in this next picture of me and him. When I got a little older he would tell me stories of when he was a salesmen and all the crazy adventures and people he would encounter. The only way to explain his stories is the movie Big Fish.


And how I wish he was still alive today because I would have loved to tell him about my last few years when I started going to wrestling shows again. He enjoyed the stories of my original few trips back in 2002, 2003 and such. But recently I started attending live wrestling shows again, becoming a huge fan of a company called 2CW.


Sadly though they have decided to close their doors. Probably because I started hanging around.

I recently got a FitBit and started worrying more about my health. Or at least getting a lot of steps. Thus it’s brought me on to finding more adventures and various hiking trails.


With this I have found the love of writing again, and working on my website. This old thing I’m talking on. It’s been around since 1999, on and off and off again. I’m hoping to make this the year I make it more a priority than a thing I do when I’m bored.


I enjoy sports even when I’m bored. I’m a Green Bay Packers fan and a Chicago Cubs fan. I enjoy watching baseball, as well as the previously mentioned wrestling. I have attended various MLB stadiums and hope to check out more some day.


I like taking half face selfies.10458024_10154531708575517_4969603207781797905_n

I like traveling to new places and exploring. I have found a fascination as of late with cemeteries. Because there is so much history that is sadly forgotten there. We all know someone in one and why shouldn’t we get their stories out there.


As you see here, this is where my dad’s mother hangs out. I lost her in 2003. Her death really hit me hard too. It was one of the first deaths in my family outside of a great uncle and distant cousins. Which is pretty lucky seeing I was 20 years old when this happened.

She left behind my My grandfather lives out in Syracuse and is a deacon and has a fascination with model trains. Yes, model trains.


My dad, the guy not wearing the Boston Red Sox Hat, but holding either a flip phone or a box cutter, has become one of my best friends. And yeah, that sounds lame. But it’s pretty cool.

Not as cool as me dressed as a rabbit.


But still cool.

And all this is cool because two people fell in love and made me.

10996137_10155531257525517_3403818154039230801_n And I guess that’s who I am. I am the people who have been in my life, I’m my mom, I’m my dad. I’m all of my grandparents, my uncles and aunts, my brother, my cousin. I’m Lindsay. I’m all of that. I’m my hobbies. I’m everything.