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The news hit me during a trip to the bathroom around 3 in the morning last night. As I walked by the televisions in the food court, I heard the news reporter say he was sixty-nine years old.

I stopped.

“Wait” I said to myself.

David Bowie was announced dead.

I stood there for a second. A sudden realization that a rock and roll legend had passed away. Instant sadness overtook my buddy. I felt sad. I felt bad for Bowie. I felt bad for the world.

I looked away from the television, trying to gather myself, and went back to work.

Ziggy Stardust was dead.

But life had to continue.

Now that I’ve left work, driving home I listened to Howard Stern talking about him. He played clips of all of his music. It hit hit me again.

Wow, this dude really was that good.

Songs you’ve probably heard song by others, covers of course.

Songs you’ve heard a million times.

Songs you sing along to.

Songs that have changed your life.

David Bowie was one of those legendary musicians.

My parents weren’t even alive the Day The Music died.

I wasn’t alive when someone took the life of John Lennon.

I was a couple decades too late to feel the death of Jim Morrison.

I wasn’t even a thought when The King, Elvis Presely was found dead.

I was only 8 years old when Freddie Mercury died.

I remember the death of Kurt Cobain, even though I was only 11.

I can’t tell you where I was, but I felt the pain when Tupac and Biggie died.

I understood Frank Sinatra’s death, but realized it more years later.

I felt the pain when Ray Charles died.

I remember the death of Michael Jackson, my mom had told me.

David Bowie’s death isn’t hurting me, I know it’s hurting the music world. He was one of the great artists of all-time. Just look at this list of some of his all-time hit songs:

Space Oddity, Starman, The Man Who Sold The World, Let’s Dance, Life On Mars?, Heroes, Rebel Rebl, Where Are We Now?, Modern Love Dancing In The Steet, Changes, China Girl, Moonage Daydream, Magic Dance, Ashes To Ashes, Golden Years, Young Americans, Suffragette City, Thursday’s Child, Five Years, All The Young Dudes, Jean Genie, Queen Bitch, Absolute Beginners, As The World Falls Down, Sound & Vision, Diamond Dogs, Oh! You Pretty Things, I’m Afraid Of Americans, Rock & Roll Suicide, Wild Is The Wind, Cat People

And there’s even more songs that I haven’t mentioned. The other day he actually released a new album.

Now there’s nothing more to say. We just need to listen, and remember who he was. Not just a musician but one of those legends.