In continuing this 20 Days Of Chill Writing Challenge, I have been participating and it’s now time for a new post. As you may remember last Monday I started this challenge and have now completed 5 days worth of the challenge and you can read them both by checking out 20 Days Of Chill.

Today is a new day and a new challenge and today’s theme is:

Life’s turning point

While I look at today’s theme I’m not sure if I understand it. I mean, yes, I do understand it but I don’t think I’ve come to this point in my life. I feel I haven’t had my life’s turning point yet. I mean granted I’ve recently talked about my exploration age and how I like traveling more. But I still don’t think that’s my turning point.

I mean, I see this theme as being similar to being like a mid-life crisis or something like that. I just don’t feel like I’ve had that happen yet. I haven’t completely broke down and changed everything in my life. I have however had small changes that have impacted my life.

Things like moving out on my own, granted it’s with Lindsay, but I’m out paying for rent. I’ve also went out and got a car all by myself. I bought a new television, I bought couches. I have had small changes like that. I’ve gone to new places by myself. It’s just all that stuff.

But then again maybe I did have my life’s turning point about 4 years ago. When I finally broke down and quit smoking. I spoke about this a few days ago before this little challenge started New Year, New You – How You Should Make A New Year’s Resoltuions And Stick To It.

Maybe that was my turning point, where I said no more to smoking. But then again that was pretty easy to do. All I had to do was stop buying them. It’s not like I was stuck in a situation I couldn’t escape. And maybe that’s when you should actually break down and have you’re turning point.

Oh well, who knows. I could be having my turning point right now.