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Per being a wrestling fan, I am involved with many exciting things and what I’m about to present to you is one of those. During the days of 2CW, yes, they’re over and they were a very, very long time ago, I was fortunate allowed to be introduced to a young and upcoming wrestler who was originally brought in as Guy Sunshine and then went a complete 360 and evolved into Michael Christopher.

Next month Xcite Wrestling will be presenting their show 4th Anniversary which will be held on Friday the 19th. They have already announced most of the line up for the show and it looks very, very good. You can check out more information about Xcite and the show at their Facebook page.

One of the matches announced by Xcite Wrestling is a four way match involving Michael Christopher. He will be taking on Alex Payne, Alexander James and Sozio. As pictured below.


A few of the fans of Michael Christopher and other various people have found the picture used in this promo photo to be quite hilarious. Some even are currently using it as their Facebook profile picture.


A suggestion in one of the comments was that Michael Christopher’s face photo shopped into random famous photos and well without much more fanfare let me present my representation of this thought.

When he took over for the Dave Matthews Band….


And then hung out with them at a bar…


Or when he ran after the United States dropped the Atomic Bomb on his hometown of Hiroshima, Japan…


When he became the lead singer of The Doors…


When he shot in the head while visiting Vietnam…


When he knocked out Sonny Liston…


When he returned home from World War II…


When he was photographed with a plane on 9/11


Or when he helped create the New World Order…


Have you seen any pictures of Michael Christopher throughout the years?