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The last two days the world has been sitting on the edge of their seat as they’ve watched Michael Christopher steal a DeLorean and travel through time destroying history one moment at a time. As you can re-read and re-live through by reading The Michael Christopher Experience and Where In The World Is Michael Christopher?.

As you have read it was reported that Michael Christopher has died. But sadly, his death has been greatly exaggerated as we have just been sent this report of a upcoming music concert featuring Michael Christopher.


He showcased his strength by showcasing his guns


He then went back in time once more just to throw a slam dunk down to showcase strength


To further showcase his death he flipped his face with Dick Justice. Why you ask? Who knows! It’s Michael Christopher!


He likes to brag, he started bragging even more buy over taking the man in the famous American Gothic painting.


Showcasing his strength and proving to the world he in fact was not dead became his desire…


His ego went to his head… He started to go insane


He started bossing people around.. making them come to work on Saturday…


And then he had the craziest idea ever…

What if he became the President of The United States…


And what if he went back in time once more and changed the outcome of the most famous wrestling match ever. Yes, the Andre The Giant versus Hulk Hogan match from WrestleMania 3. And to make sure he, as Andre The Giant, could actually defeat Hulk Hogan he brought back Jasper Whipple to play Hulk Hogan…


And then he became the champion..

He changed the world…

Hulk Hogan wouldn’t be the third member of the New World Order..



Everything was going Michael Christopher’s way…

Until something happened..

A second Michael Christopher suddenly appeared..


Was the world to be restored?

What was going on?

And suddenly Len’s Steal My Sunshine began to play…12401984_10153663439580100_3644126355778966247_o

Michael Christopher was being challenged by Guy Sunshine…

The ultimate war behind good vs evil would happpen…

But before that could happen suddenly Michael Christopher was transformed into a cat and escaped…


How did this happen!?

Because Michael Christopher will DIE HARD!!!


And you shall remember his name is Michael Christopher!


I would like to note, unlike the previous two posts about Where In Time Is Michael Christopher, most of the meme’s were not created by me. They have been created by numerous other people. While the final two our works of mine, the others were done by KJ Parker, Eric Riley, Tim Jaquay and PJ Harmer recreating the Len “Steal My Sunshine” meme. If you would like to join in on the fun, please let me know, or share it with Michael Christopher himself. Or if I have mistaken giving you credit, please let me know. And please remember his name is Michael Christopher!