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Hello, it’s me. For fun today, I’m going to keep an on-going post about what I do on my day off. I’ll enter something every so often and then update this post. The entries within the post might be small or just filled with a picture.

At the end of which, I will update it with a summary of things I did, or things I wanted to do but didn’t. I will most likely also update my FitBit stats into this.

I’m going to start at the beginning of the day, or at least the beginning of the day per normal humans.

12:00 AM

Sitting on my couch, writing, watching television. I’ve been up since 8:30pm.

Late night television shows are on. I’m flipping between Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert.

Kimmel has Elton John on.

Colbert has some guy who promotes Black Lives Matter. Yet, he walked out with his cellphone in his hand. Changed channel because of this.

1:28 AM

Fatigue has set in. I shall lay down in my bed and attempt sleep. Watching Parks & Recreation on Netflix to aid to sleep.

4:53 AM

I’m awoken be the cold wind that blisters at my window. I look at the time, please play on my Netflix.

5:48 AM

Awake. Check the time. Go to the bathroom.

Message Lindsay.

Return to bed. Check Facebook, Hachland stats, and continue writing.

Research things online for future posts to Hachland.

Research jobs. Apply for jobs through InDeed and Us.Jobs.

6:43 AM

Starting to get hungry. Wondering what I should do to full-fill this.

6:58 AM

Still wondering what to eat. Debating on looking in house or getting dressed and going to the local grocery store.

7:13 AM

Gathered my bottles and cans and even checked the mail because hey you never know if mail did actually come on Martin Luther King Jr day.

7:31 AM

Driving by the Albany Airport and wow, what a site.


7:34 AM

Stopped at Sunoco an got gas. Went inside to pay to save that 5 cents a gallon.


Should have gotten gas in August when it wasn’t so cold!

7:45 AM

Stopped at the new Latham Walmart. Walked around Wal-Mart to find the bottle return only to find it locked.

Gathered cans and bottles and went to Hannaford.

7:54 AM

Checked to see if the bottle return at Hannaford was open. It was, so I gathered the cans and bottles and started my returns.


Got like nearly 6 bucks or so in returns. Yes, a lot.


Walked around Hannaford looking for breakfast.

Found Little Debbie’s, White Castle Cheeseburgers and some discounted cookies.

Noticed a few things different at Hannaford than let’s say Price Chopper, they have high tech bottle return machines and low tech shelving.

Also there was a inventory team there. Plus something was up with their self check out lottery machine.

8:17 AM

Went over to Target.

Walked around and found some discounted alcohol themed products.


As you can see they were near the toy section. Obviously Target is trying to start them young.

Walked around more, saw that this cross promotion worked because some kid made a decision here.


8:35 AM

Stopped at Stewart’s because I still hadn’t gotten breakfast. So I got a coffee, and two breakfast sandwiches.

I also got a MegaMillions lotery ticket. Because hey, you never know.

The floors were kind of slippery.

8:49 AM

Got home. Gathered my bags and came inside.

Gave Cinnoman something to eat because she seemed to be hungry or at least meowing.

8:55 AM

Watching the local news.

9:00 AM

Kelly and Michael came on because I hadn’t changed the channel.

Found out there’s a wrestling show coming in March. It’s called Chapter 2 by Dynasty and Dalton Castle will be there.

9:26 AM

Finished working on this.

Checked e-mail.

Signed up my blog for NetworkedBlogs.com

Suddenly realized I was already signed up for that under another URL.

10:08 AM

Been doing nothing but watching The Dan Patrick Show and browsing the internet.

Read through blogs that are part of the 20 Day Chill challenge. Blogs like A ‘lil Hoohaablog, ladyleemanila, From Roses To Rainbows, and Capture Life’s Little Moments.

10:16 AM

Talked with Tim B. from Ring Rants about doing a podcast for The Indy Network.

10:33 AM

Checking out job postings on InDeed.com

Thinking of redoing my resume. I mean, I have been, but I need to add some more work history.

Like how I worked as the President of the United States of America for a few months.

10:41 AM

Checked Facebook.

Wished people a Happy Birthday.

Used this picture.


I created that. Didn’t put my logo on it. But I can tell by the width and height.

10:55 AM

Got dressed.

After Lindsay suggested we go out to eat.

Her treat!

11:11 AM

Arrived at Bucca Di Pepa.


Ordered some mozzarella triangles. And chicken parm with fettuccine Alfredo on the side.

Oh and a Dr. Pepper for my side.


It was cold inside the restaurant.

If you’ve never been to this resturant, they have great Italian food. At lunch they serve single serving, like the one picture above. But for dinner they serve like family style. You get like 4 pieces of chicken parm with a order. So bring freinds and/or family.

Plus they also have a lot of pictures around the place. Some are quite graphic. But most have something to do with Italy and Italians.

Here is one of what looks to be some mafia guys.


There was this picture of the 1987 Italia soccer team. The guy on the top right looks kind of like Doug Flutie.


11:55 AM

Leaving Bucca.

11:58 AM

Wow, it’s so damn windy!


12:13 PM

Turned the television on. Went to OnDemand and started watching Saturday Night Live from this past Saturday.

12:24 PM

Just heard Doug Pederson, former QB of the Green Bay Packers has been named the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Pederson served as the back up quaterback behind Brett Favre 1996 to 1998. He also played in the World Football League with the Rhein Fire. And ironically according to Wikipedia: He also helped Don Shula win his NFL record 325th victory as a coach when starting quarterback Scott Mitchell went down with an injury in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles on November 14, 1993.

12:34 PM

Talking with PJ from Hoohaa about the previously mentioned wrestling show and various other subjects.

12:42 PM

Checked Twitter.

12:48 PM

Joked with Ajax820 about salsa.

He’s a wrestler.

You should book him.

12:52 PM

Former 2CW guy Jack Trades has moved on and is doing this…


12:56 PM

The music act on Saturday Night Live was pretty good.

His name is Chris Stapleton.

Chris Stapleton's new album, Traveller, comes out May 4

Chris Stapleton’s new album, Traveller, comes out May 4

1:04 PM

Grabbed a can of Pepsi.

1:09 PM

Jim Ross, the former WWE commentator has signed with AXS TV to announce NJPW.

1:24 PM

Been watching Saturday Night Live for a while now.

They did a nice segment on David Bowie.

This has been a very good episode.

1:37 PM

Read an article from The Notorious Eddie Mac on CageSideSeats about the Final Four. No not the NCAA March Madness thing, but the final four guys in this years WWE Royal Rumble.

Granted no matter how much I hate WWE. I do still enjoy watching the Royal Rumble. It’s just something about battle royals. Everyone loves them.

1:48 PM

Going to take a nap.

Hopefully I don’t sleep too long.

Parks & Recreation on the Netflix will guide me.

Hopefully my dreams won’t be too crazy!

3:28 PM

That nap thing didn’t really go to well. Especially when I spent the entire time making jokes on Twitter and talking to people on Facebook.

Hopefully this doesn’t mean tonight is a wasted night.

3:36 PM

Checking out that InDeed.com thing again..

4:28 PM

Now the thoughts are… what’s for dinner?

4:39 PM

Learned that Jim Duggan will be performing at The Comedy Works on February 4th.

Yes, the wrestler.

He’s also scheduled to appear in Binghamton, Rome and various other places.

4:42 PM

This day in the life has become a plug of things I find online.

Guess I really don’t do much.

5:02 PM

After sitting around for a few hours, I decided it’s time to find something for dinner.

So I jumped in my car and headed to Wal-Mart, a different one than before.

5:18 PM

Pulling into Crossgates Commons I notice Noodles & Company is finally open.


From the amount of people inside, I notice also that I shall venture over to Wal-Mart and walk around and find out what’s for dinner.

Walking around Wal-Mart, I notice the escalator is broken, well, the one side is. If you’re not familiar with the Crossgates Commons Wal-Mart, it is two stories tall. There’s a big escalator with a conveyor belt to bring the carts either up or down. Well the upside worked, the down side however didn’t.

At least there was a upside.

While walking around Wal-Mart, I ventured first upstairs, like I somewhat hinted at and headed over to the men’s department. While there I found a winter hat. After that I headed over to the clearance section on the other side of the top floor. Finding only things I didn’t want.

However, as I back tracked, I looked in the small golf section and found a orange hat.


After leaving Wal-Mart, I put on my hat, only to find it is best served as a summer hat. Because it’s a golf related hat.

I guess I’ll just have to hang it up till summer time.


After that I drove over to Ollie’s and took a look around. I found some orange pants to match my orange hat, but I didn’t buy them nor take a picture of them. Size 50 is a tad too big for me. But those Little Debbie’s from earlier might help.

I did however find these fancy crackers that my friend HaveTillFive loves. Too bad these one’s expired in November.


5:55 PM

Still unsure what to have I traveled over to walk the “I don’t know what to have for dinner” walk at Price Chopper.

Leaving again disappointed.

6:07 PM

Text Lindsay and tell her to meet me at a restaurant on Wolf Road.

Had to wait but at least I got to stand in front of this sign.


If you don’t know where I am by the picture then you’ve probably never been to Texas Roadhouse. As you can see that there’s a saddle that will end up ruining my entire experience.

We sat down, got our bread, which is to die for. Order some Cactus Blossoms, which are basically a Blooming Onion but with a Texas flare to it. I order Beef Tips with a double order of mashed taters, she had the pulled pork sandwich.

And than came that saddle.

Not once. Not twice. Not even just three times. But four times? Oh wait, that wasn’t even it either. There were actually six very special birthdays going on in the short amount of time we spent eating there.

With the very last birthday being that of a 2 year old boy. Oh, yes, those evil people, I mean the kids family put him on that damn saddle.

The food was good, my phone had died and I traveled back home to well, home.

7:32 PM

After changing the battery in my phone I caught up on all of my social media platforms.

Getting tagged in a post about the 1992 Royal Rumble. Which obviously was one of the best. Although recently I’ve had two people tell me how good the 1993 Royal Rumble is.

8:03 PM

Catching up on what has happened the last few hours of my day to you, the people actually reading this.

8:27 PM

Reading a article about MLB possibly expanding and which eight cities would be the best fit. Jesse Spector of the Sporting News believes this could happen, me, I actually hope it doesn’t.

Like how bad are about 5 or 6 of the teams already? Now you want to water down the talent pool even more with more teams? This will only make people more and more upset when certain teams don’t want to spend 500 million dollars on a roster. Ugh….

8:48 PM

Found out that Myam Balik has a blog. You know the girl from Blossom and now from The Big Bang Theory? Yeah, she has her own blog.

9:01 PM

Turned on TNA Impact.

9:38 PM

Getting kind of tired.

Night ruined.

Going to lay down in bed and watch more Parks & Rec.

10:44 PM

Fell asleep.

According to my FitBit. I got 7,010 steps. And I didn’t win the lotto.