In continuing this 20 Days Of Chill Writing Challenge, I have been participating and it’s now time for a new post. As you may remember two weeks ago I started this challenge and have now completed 12 days worth of the challenge and you can read them both by checking out 20 Days Of Chill.

Today is a new day and a new challenge and today’s theme is:

The day after last night

The day after last night… now when exactly was that?

Instead of doing the math and using a crazy algorithm to discover if it’s yesterday or the day before that, I’m going to go even farther back and relive a moment that will forever stay in my heart. Or at least be remembered for time’s to come.

For those who have just found me through this 20 Days Of Chill, you may or may not know that I’m a huge wrestling fan. With that I enjoy watching wrestling both on television and in person. Over the past 2 years or so I started attending more wrestling shows, due to my work schedule being altered to make it possible.

I started attending shows run by a company called 2CW. As I not only liked wrestling, but I loved the way they presented their shows. They were run and booked (a way of writing) how I would do it and how I well, just basically enjoyed.

Not only did I enjoy the wrestlers but I enjoyed the fans. Many of which have became good friends. One of which is PJ, who if not for 2CW I would have never met, and he has been some sort of a inspiration and has helped me to reunite the fire within side me to write again. Plus he gave me this evil 20 day challenge.

Why do I bring up 2CW right now? Well, it’s been a month. It’s been a month since the music died. It’s been a month since 2CW ran their last show. The sadness has finally passed for me, the memories will always remain. And like I said I’ve made plenty of friends through it all.

The friends I’ve made have been busy, just like I have been with Hachland, and each and everyone of them have their own products and things going on. So instead of promoting myself, let me promote them and their new lives.

Most of you know, PJ, who I’ve previously mentioned and you probably have found me through his blog, so you already know of him. If not, you can learn about PJ, by checking out his blog called Hoohaablog. Outside of talking about wrestling, he talks about his life. Which includes baseball, geocaching and playing board games that you have probably knew existed.

Another blogger, wrestling fan that I met through 2CW, there’s Sam. Sam doesn’t want to be involved in stupid stuff, so he writes and talks about wrestling. His most recent rumblings can be found through the page Wrestling With Words in his podcast called We Don’t Know Wrestling.

We have plenty of us that write, there’s Bob, who writes about wrestling too. Check out his stuff over at Wrestling Recaps. You might even learn about Smokey Mountain Wrestling.

There’s also this guy named Cody, he writes too. Or at least is starting to. You can check out his blog at Front Row Report.

Dash, as some of you may remember the loud mouth who was in the front row, is busy becoming the best rapper in Syracuse. You can follow him on Twitter at DutchBeetz.

There’s Coke who already is the best in Syracuse, as he dropped a new version of the Bullet Club theme.

Nolan is busy becoming the greatest shirt designer ever! You can follow him on Twitter at 2CW FanCam.

We have Swizzy, he runs R Source. It promotes Upstate New York Hip Hop. Check out their Facebook page at R Source Facebook.

Then there’s Tim, not much is known about Tim. Except for his love of the Michael Christopher Experience.

Speaking of Michael Christopher, he’s a wrestler, who was first introduced to 2CW as Guy Sunshine. Now, outside of changing history, he continues wrestling.

As for the FanCast guys, who are Viking Helmet Guy, Original Hat Guy and Dewey they have gone into hiding. No one has heard or seen of them since the end of the last 2CW show. There is currently a large reward if you know anything about there whereabouts.

And then there’s Zak… who’s been doing a lot of meth.

Of course there’s plenty of others, I have met through 2CW. From fans, wrestlers and well, others and they’re all out there doing their own thing. I don’t want to become become overly crazy with promoting them so I’m going to cut it off now. I apologize if I didn’t mention you, but hey, give me 5 bucks and maybe that can change.

While there may not be anymore 2CW, there’s always other wrestling promotions. A bunch of us have talked about going to various other wrestling shows and will.

For wrestling is cool.

And the truth of the matter is… I still haven’t unpacked my car since these days.

The end of 2CW happened on December 20th, 2015. They have recently updated their website with things for sale and you can check them out at 2CW.com. Around this time I wrote about these last few days in The Final Journey, stories I’m still working on.