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In continuing this 20 Days Of Chill Writing Challenge, I have been participating and it’s now time for a new post. As you may remember three weeks ago I started this challenge and have now completed 15 days worth of the challenge and you can read them both by checking out 20 Days Of Chill.

Today is a new day and a new challenge and today’s theme is:


When I was younger, any time my father got a day off he would always say “I don’t care, I’m on a vacation.” I’ve since continued that tradition. When I actually get a day off I say this.

Sadly, my days off have become more rare do to my work schedule being changed a few weeks ago. I had previously worked 4 days with 10 hour nights and now I am working 5 days at 8 hours a shift. This has changed things drastically for me because of this.

And it makes me want to go on vacation even more so.

I have spoke about my love of vacations earlier in this 20 Day Challenge, in how I love traveling around and touring new places. Especially pointing that out when the theme was If I Had A Million Dollars…. I even posted about that yesterday, when I visited Durham, New York in Geocaching, Chasing History Or Just Getting Lost.

Something I started doing a lot over the past two years is traveling to visit wrestling shows, and most of them are off in distant places I have never been to. So it’s given me a vast amount of new experiences and they’re like vacations, even if they’re day trips or just an over night.

I’ve also been doing some random trips to different places just for a day, or just for a walk. Especially when I got my FitBit over the summer, it gave me the want and desire to explore more walking trails. Something that my current living location has a lot of within an hour or so away from me.

While the season has turned to winter, it’s difficult to get that walking done out in nature. And that’s why I did a little driving the other day to Durham, and that’s why last weekend I went to Utica for a model train show, something that I’ll talk about soon. I took the train, it was my first train ride in a few years. But I did all over that because my dad is a huge model train guy, also something I should talk more about.

Some people think a vacation is a place you have to spend a week at, but in reality a vacation is anything you can just stop and do something different. Like taking a different road home, going grocery shopping at a different grocery store.

Vacations don’t have to be costly, they can just be doing something different than your normal routine. Like having breakfast for dinner or in my case dinner for breakfast.

So on your next day off from work, say to yourself “Self, hello, it’s me. Remember me?”

Oh wait.. that’s a little psycho.

But seriously, just treat your next day off as a vacation. Tell yourself it’s a vacation, even if you don’t do anything overly special. It might get you to relax a little bit more.