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A few weeks ago, my father and his girlfriend suggested taking a train ride. At first I thought they just wanted me to get lost. But it was suddenly revealed that my dad wanted me to attend a Model Train Show, which in this instance was in Utica and we had to take the train to get there.

So after working all night and having to work that night, I opted to say yes, and ride that train.

We boarded in Schenectady, the train station seems a little lame. Especially figuring the historical significance Schenectady has with General Electric and even Union College.


By the looks of this building this plaque was inserted after the building was already built for a few years.


As we sat down and had our breakfast from Brugger’s, I looked up and saw this beautiful architecture. As you can see that they used a lot of black tape and even a cardboard box to fix the ceiling. At least it said Amtrak on it.


This is a picture of my ticket to prove I went. I had to retain it throughout the trip.


After getting the call about the train coming, we walked up to where the train was, there’s probably a name for that, like train dock or something fancy like that. And I took some pictures of the buildings around…


This is another picture..


And you can see this fantastic tree in this picture…


As you can tell it was cloudy on this day. For some reason this picture reminds me of album cover.


This is a tree.


This is a picture of a building, I previously showed. Those gray doors are where they would load a box car, but I don’t think this place is doing that anymore. Although I wish I knew what that sign says.


And then finally the train came, as I shared with my friends on Instagram.

That's it I'm running away #run #away #train

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And then later while we were on the train, a train passed us, and I took this video.

Riding that train

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As well as this picture..


It reminded me a scene from Pink Floyd’s The Wall in which a train passes by and all you can see are these blank faces.


This scared my dad to no end. So much so that he pretended to sleep.


All joking aside, I did find this next thing to be very absurd. So if you can’t read the sign very well, it reads “Reserved for Passengers with Disabilities.” Which is nice, they designated a specific location to place people who have certain disabilities. BUT and here it comes, why would they then stuff these people into luggage? I just don’t get it.


Sadly though this wasn’t the most offensive thing I would see on the train. The next picture is well, terrifying doesn’t even begin to describe my thoughts on the matter. It’s of some brochure I found on the train and well, I think they used the wrong version of the word stairs. And this should also be used as a beware of pedophiles.


We finally arrived to the Utica train station which considering the looks of the Schenectady train station I figured would be a huge dump. But much to my surprise this place was huge! Plus as you can see there were a series of taxi’s waiting like Schenectady wished they’d seen. The building on he right, that’s the train station!


As you can see how big this building is.


Then we jumped inside and ran upstairs real quick to take this picture. As you can the on the left of the picture there’s a walk way in which trains coming from Syracuse would have to take to get to the train station, that way they don’t have to walk over the train tracks.


Things suddenly took a turn for the worse. As I got well… the picture will explain everything.


It suddenly became very sad.


But then I found this random light switch and everything became okay again.


Especially when these Amish people came.


They stopped me and asked about this weird thing they saw. They made a comment about how vintage this thing is.


And that’s where we’ll leave off because well, that’s about it for me riding the train. Next I’ll talk about the train show and you’ll see views from inside the train station. Until then go ride a train!

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