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After spending twenty days out of this month participating in a blog challenge what’s one more day? Well, today’s challenge isn’t a continuation of of the 20 Days Of Chill, it’s a start of a new challenge I’ve aligned myself with. Once again it’s apart of the A ‘lil HooHaa challenge world order, this one big a photo challenge.

Every month PJ sets up a theme for a photo challenge, in which you showcase 5 pictures in that theme. To read more about these theme’s check out PJ’s Photo Blog Challenge.

This months theme, the first month I’m participating is Inside.

And with this month being January, staying inside was the best idea. As I was going through my pictures to see which would be my top 5, I was shocked with the amount of pictures I actually took outside, it has been warmer than usual of course, but wow.

So without further ado here we go with my top 5 pictures from Inside.

1. The Soon To Be Married Couple

I guess this picture could be described as not being a part of this month, but it was New Year’s Eve, and to me, a guy who worked that night it was my January.

As you can see it’s one of my world famous half-face selfie’s this time with my brother and his future wife, Gilli. He asked her to marry him on Christmas night while we were in Syracuse visiting my Grandmother. And I couldn’t be happier. These next few months, maybe a little more than a few, are going to be so exciting as they get ready to throw a wedding to remember.


2. Druthers Mac & Cheese

Imagine eating the best macaroni and cheese in the world, add seven different type’s of cheese added into it. Yeah, you’re mouth is watering right now.

We hit up the Albany location of Druthers, over the summer we visited the original location in Saratoga, and well, this was good. Ironically while we were talking about visiting this location, the local news channel WNYT had the head chef for Druthers in to showcase this exact meal.

Druthers is mainly known for being a brewery but this mac and cheese along with a bunch of other meals are awesome. I highly suggest if you’re ever in the area to give them a try.


3. A Day At The Train Show

Also this month, I took a train to a train show. While I missed out on some sleep, I did get to see something I hadn’t seen in many years and that’s watching my dad and my grandfather enjoying a train convention. This one was held in Utica inside their Utica train station and tons of vendors where lined up and selling their model train stuff.


4. My Dad’s Train Room

Speaking of trains, the following Sunday after all that, I went over to my dad’s house to watch the NFC and AFC Championship games. Before that while we were waiting for them to begin, we hung out and watched television and well, I was supposed to nap, because of the whole third shift lifestyle. My dad set up to work on a few of his train sets, this one picture is one that he has completed. My dad has a obsession with model trains, his basement is full of them, he has a den or hobby room if you will, and this was inside that room.


5. Olde English Pub

After visiting Druthers in Albany, I thought of visiting other locations of pubs in downtown Albany. So we went down and hit up the Olde English Pub, it’s a British themed restaurant in which they serve fish and chips as well as numerous British beers. There’s even a painting of Winston Churchill on the wall! I had the Shepard’s Pie and a coke. Another fine establishment located down there in Albany, there’s a few more to visit, this one though seems like a cool one, one time I’ll like to go when they’re having a special theme, because it was kind of boring there. It was pre-lunch time, and for a majority of the time we were the only one’s there. But the food was pretty good.


So that’s my first photo blog challenge. I hope you enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to doing another one next month!