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Yesterday, I talked about riding a train to Utica, Riding The Train. Today I reveal why I would do that. Okay, maybe I explained a little bit in the who, how and the others but I’m going to include some pictures now. So sit back, get your finger on the scroll button and get ready for a little excitement as I visit a train show, a model train show that is!

A model train show usually consists of one or two aspect either people set up their trains and showcase them or they try and sell you their train stuff. This one was more of people selling their train stuff. There was whoever a few running train sets. Mostly just different vendors trying to get rid of their excess product that doesn’t sell in their own stores or online stores.

I last left off as I was downstairs at the payphone wondering what in decade I was in, well, let’s back track a few pictures. No, before we get carried away, that phrase “back track” isn’t mean to be a pun or a play on words.

So before we went downstairs, we were upstairs, and we were looking through the windows into the main area of the station and this is what we saw.


And then there was also this view outside of another window.


After following the Amish people inside, we came across this area. Obviously this guy was trying to sell odd looking money with Benjamin Franklin’s face on it. One could only imagine what he wanted for that. I’m guessing a few thousand.

As you can also see a lot of these model cars, toy cars if you will, look like cheap dollar store versions. I’m not sure if they were or weren’t, I was too afraid to touch them. After all a few of those are cop cars.


This random gentlemen looks over what appears to me to be a clear plastic box with a bunch of  papers in it. But to him and the 100s of other people are, this was probably gold.


You can see this guys table was set up nicely. These are N scale which is some percentage smaller than HO and that’s a even smaller version of the real stuff. I’m not sure how it goes, all I know is these N scale one’s are very small, like those old Micro Machine cars we used to have as kids.


Here’s some box cars from the Trainman. My dad wasn’t interested in these, as they didn’t scream real to him.


This is a map of the entire location. I wonder who had the joy of making this one.


Time for something most of us know! It’s the Tropicana box car. This is a bigger size, I think it’s O scale. No, that’s not a reference to the movie Office Space, in which that one guy made his “O” face.


Here are some old toy trucks. Ironically that one said Fame, ironic because this was shortly after the death of David Bowie who had sang a song about Fame.


Here are some pictures of trains. I don’t think these are fake ones, eh, model ones. These are the real deal ones.


And then some of these things hit a little closer to home. If you don’t know, I grew up in and around Selkirk, New York. It’s got one of the biggest hubs for CSX which was formerly known as Conrail. Also if you look at that one big picture just under the Conrail books you’ll see it’s a old building. That old building is the Delaware and Hudson Railroad Company Building, which is know the SUNY System Administration Building.

Plus you can see some stocks for sale. They’re only 25 bucks, but sadly they’re model train stock. It’s only worth a fraction of the real size.


Some train books. 20160117_124129

There was a location in which those got sick a.k.a. overwhelmed with joy from all the model train stuff to stand and get help. But in reality they were to be humiliated by me. Sadly, I stood at this spot for a few minutes and was mocked by some seven year old kid.


This guy has all kinds of goodies! And he accepts Master Card and Visa! Plus he has bags. Seriously though, those blue boxes you see and probably the other color one’s have box cars and other train stuff, and the one’s laying on the table are train engines. But back to the blue boxes, back in the hey day, when I was a baseball card collector and in middle school mainly, my dad would have those and wouldn’t have a need for them once he placed his trains on the tracks. So I would take them and put my cards in them. That is… until he found a need for them. But luckily at that time, I had bigger boxes, one’s designed exclusively for baseball cards.


You can see how grand this Utica train station is. The benches alone are amazing plus those pillars. Wow. Oh and the model train stuff is cool too!


Who needs to take business cards when you can just take a picture of them. Thanks Tom’s Trains! You’re my number one friend Tom Jarvis.


Then I found the best thing, something I almost bought myself. A Railroad Video Productions Presents VHS tape! OH MY!!! How awesome! I so regret not buying this.


Here’s a train engine. I’m not sure if it’s for sale or for show.It’s laying on it’s side like a dead cow or something.



And the following has a bad word…

It’s not my bad word…

It’s a signs bad word.

So get mad at the sign.

Now without further ado…

Let’s get to that bad word.

We went to the train show a few weeks ago, it was the day after the Green Bay Packers lost the playoff game. So this following picture, and the way these signs were aligned seemed so how you say perfect.


Here’s a cool vintage train engine. If I had a pet chipmonk I would let him ride this. But I don’t and thus this stayed. As you can see by the soda can sitting behind the front of the train engine, it was fairly large, compared to the numerous other sized trains.


This is another train thingy… I found it to be interesting looking…


This is a vintage Lionel drawbridge, as you can see by the box it’s old. Also behind it you can see a guy in a red jacket being held up by a guy in a blue denim jacket. Well, or he was describing how epic this train show was.


Here are some more old stuff. I think they’re games… or maybe puzzles. I didn’t want to investigate, because well, I might have broken them. Or worse one of these train guys would have thought it’d be a good idea to talk to me.


This next table is a bunch of guys that have a store a few miles away from where I live. Yes, I have been to their shop numerous times. It’s actually pretty cool, they have a huge train set. Okay, maybe they don’t anymore, I’m not sure, but a decade, maybe a little more, they did.


For those who have been following around on my interest of cemeteries here’s one. I’m not sure if this is on that website FindAGrave, but it’s quite interesting. Plus I like how the grounds are well maintained.


You can take this sign and make your own jokes with it.


Wow you have a dirty mind.

And for those involved in trains or signs or have any clue what this following sign means, stands for or whatever please leave a comment and let me know! Because I just don’t Esso what it is!


To Be Continued…