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And finally the stunning final of the Schenectady Soup Stroll!

As you’ve seen first part and the second part I walked around Schenectady and ate soup.

Now I continue that!

We were walking down Route 5 and started heading down towards Jay Street and stopped at Puzzles. They were serving Sweet & Stout Chili. If you’re not aware of Puzzles, it’s a bakery and cafe in which helps those with autism. As their mission statement reads “Puzzles Bakery & Café is committed to improving the livelihood of individuals, families, and communities affected by autism spectrum disorders. Individuals with developmental disabilities have the right to work in integrated settings with non-disabled colleagues, be afforded the same wages, and contribute to society in a meaningful way. Puzzles Bakery & Café will provide adults with disabilities opportunities for personal growth, as well as a source of income, social interaction, and a sense of purpose.


They spruced up the downtown of Schenectady by putting this fancy banner on a light poll instead of painting it.


If you’ve never been in the downtown area, this is what it looks like. There’s numerous restaurants, a movie theater, and even this place called Proctors which is a former vaudeville theater and where they hold plays, music concerts and various other events.


Our next stop on the stroll was Nico’s!

But they were out of soup, so we got sad and left. 20160130_133450

The area is called the Jay Street Marketplace to make the whole being in Schenectady a nice thing.


Here’s a picture of the previously mentioned Proctors.According to the sign Marvin Gaye is appearing soon.



This area is well maintained and has been for some time, it’s been a part of the whole cleaning up Schenectady move that has mainly happened in this area, but is slowly moving to other areas. The history in this area and the overall Schenectady area is quite elaborate.


Here’s a picture of the line at Aperitivo Bistro. We didn’t want to be chickens and cross the street.


This is Mexican Radio. They too were out of soup.


That is Movieland. I’m currently in a legal battle with them over the use of the word land.


This is the second most famous tree in Schenectady.


This is the walkway under the train bridge in which I previously talked about. It was built in 1906, but you can’t read that because there’s a crack there.


Here is another blue sign. This one talks about the time Thomas Edison came to town and created the General Electric Company.


Here’s another map, this time it’s of Downtown Schenectady.


This is the world famous movie theater that is no long working. I forgot what they called it.


I thought this wall was coo. A lot of different rocks and stuff.


We then stopped at Katie O’Byrne’s who also had a significant line and was the last step on our soup stroll journey.


When the line slowly moved to inside, we got to see the last 10 or so seconds of the Syracuse vs Georgia Tech game. And due to the results a bar was the best place to be. I mean yeah, Syracuse won, but those last few seconds were gut wrenching!


Here are some literature you have to read while visiting the pub.


And here is the tunnel on the other side, notice the difference between the previous one? Yes, they’re both aged, but the other one was built to be a little more classy.



So that was the end of our adventure in the soup stroll. And now I will reveal the winner of it all!

The Final Rankings Are

1. Manhattan Exchange – Cheeseburger Chowder
2. Centre Street Pub – 1735 Stockade Clam Chowder
3. Pinhead Susan’s – Potato Au Gratin with Bacon Chowder
4. Firestone 151 – Firestone Chowder
5. The Van Dyck Restaurant and Lounge – Buffalo Chicken Soup
6. 20 North Broadway Tavern – Chicken & Seafood Gumbo
7. Katie O’Byrne’s Restaurant & Bar – Irish Chowder
8. CAFE NOLA – Mardi Gras Gumbo
9. Puzzles Bakery & Café – Sweet & Stout Chili

Didn’t Try

Cornell’s Restaurant – “Bolognese” Style Chili w/Cannellini Beans & Fennel Seed
Civitello’s Italian Pastry Shoppe – Italian Ices, Cookies, & Breads – Pasta Chichi
Aperitivo Bistro – Sweet Potato “Cappuccino”‘ Maple Bacon Soup
Bel Cibo Fine Gourmet Foods and Spices – Roasted Red Pepper Bisque with Basil Crema
Mexican Radio Schenectady – Red Posole with Shredded Pork
Crossroads Gifts & Wellness – Vegan Chili
Nico’s Rooftop Tavern – Creamy Chicken Broccoli Soup