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On January 30th, there was a first annual soup stroll in Schenectady in which 16 different restaurants, bars and bakeries all made soups, chowders and chill and offered one dollar samples to those who came in and visited. This was presented and located in Downtown Schenectady starting at noon on Saturday.

You could easily visit all the various locations by simply walking along with a printed out map which pointed out the 16 locations helped.

The weather was awesome! In and around the 50s making it very easy to walk around.

We started our stroll as we parked the car near Pinhead Susan’s and obviously a train was seen. Mainly because I had parked on the other side of train bridge in which I visited a few weeks earlier when I rode the train, Riding That Train.


The outside of our first stop at Pinhead Susan’s, they served a nice Potato Au Gratin with Bacon Chowder. Which was pretty good.


Here’s the poster. This was posted at Pinhead Susan’s.


The inside of Pinhead Susan’s, as you can see there is a bar.


We finished our first soup and traveled on to the next place. Which was a little walk down the same street and called 20 North Broadway Tavern, and yes, it was located at 20 North Broadway.

Sadly, they were closed.


But somehow we got inside, because well, the door was held open by others visiting the bar. As you can see that chalkboard with the Heineken beer bottle says the soup today is Manhattan clam chowder. Which it wasn’t.


This must be a Pittsburgh Steelers bar, as you can see a signed Jack Lambert jersey.


They served a Chicken & Seafood Gumbo and it was pretty good. I still thought the first soup was the best, so that makes it Pinhead Susan’s number one and 20 North number two.

As we walked down the street to the next bar, we got to the Centre Street Pub who’s soup was actually a chowder and they called it the 1735 Stockade Clam Chowder.

They also had this wall of beer cans.


And this Indian getting high.


And shockingly the had this train.


They also had the poster for this event and they made it feel nice and warm.


Here is the chalkboard sign from them promoting this event.


After that we crossed the street and entered the Stockade Historic District.


The only participating restaurant in the district was the Mad Jack at the Van Dyke, who was dishing out a Buffalo Chicken soup.


At their bar they were showcasing a hockey stick. And their soup jumped to the ranking of number 2 as I enjoyed it, even though it had a little spice to it.


Here’s a tree. It’s their memorial tree in honor of the famous one in Selkirk, NY.


This is a blue sign. They’re every where and I like chasing them. Although, they’re everywhere.

West College was built here and it turned into Union College.


Here is the back side of the concrete pillar welcoming you to the Stockade District.


This is the train bridge that I just walked under and once rode on when I went to a train show.


We walked back and passed the Centre Street Pub and into the Little Italy district.


They have a map of this area and it looks like a boot.


This is the great legendary Jo-Jo’s Auto Servi E. They have been closed since Michael Christopher ruined them.


I wish this place had free samples.


But I feared if this place had any free samples.


I’ll take a pause from the stroll right now, and continue in another post.

The Rankings So Far

1. Centre Street Pub – 1735 Stockade Clam Chowder
2. Pinhead Susan’s – Potato Au Gratin with Bacon Chowder
3. The Van Dyck Restaurant and Lounge – Buffalo Chicken Soup
4. 20 North Broadway Tavern – Chicken & Seafood Gumbo

Didn’t Try

Cornell’s Restaurant – “Bolognese” Style Chili w/Cannellini Beans & Fennel Seed
Civitello’s Italian Pastry Shoppe – Italian Ices, Cookies, & Breads – Pasta Chichi