All the way back in August, I went out and got a FitBit, well, I had a special friend who helped me get one and well, that’s how I got it, but I won’t bore you with that awesome story. Instead I will bore you on the stats I have collected since that time to the end of the 2015 year.

20150910_145853And yes, this is exciting!

So the good old people at FitBit has sent me this email telling me about all steps I took over that time. And well…

Here it goes my total step count is 1,452,300 which compared to the average Americans I have beat them with 965,925. Not sure if that is in the same time period I was using it or but for the entire year. And then they compared that to the people all over the world, you know the globally people? Well they came in with 971,726. Must be because they don’t have buses?

And then they ranked the total miles I walked and I walked 666 miles. Yikes! Why did I only walk that many miles? And who did I walk to see? But then what about the rest of Americans? They ranked in at 674 miles, which obviously beat me. But somehow I beat them in total steps? I guess I make short steps? How did the world rank you ask? They only had 421 miles. I’m guessing they got lost in the transition.

The best part is I have 11 friends on FitBit. That means well, only 11 people I know are interested in getting fit. The saddest part is there is a bunch of them that don’t even use their FitBit anymore.

Well, I have enjoyed using my FitBit, granted I don’t use it much for exercising but it does track how many miles I walk for work. And no wonder why my body hurts.

Are you on the FitBit thing? If so hit me up!