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In a way to connect better with this Photo Blog Challenge presented by A ‘lil Hoohaa that I have joined and it being nearing 3 years in action, I will retroactively join it. So with the power of Google Photos a.k.a. my cloud I will go through my past pictures and play along with the past themes. It might be cheating a little bit, but hey, this is Hachland and not whatever your name is land!

Are you ready for the challenge!? Well, I am and we will go all the way back to December 2015 in which the theme was Holidays!

1. Christmas Decorations


What’s a holiday without decorations? These two fantastic creatures were outside the Red Roof Inn in Binghamton, New York. I spent a night there right before the holidays as I enjoyed the last days of 2CW, as I have talked about in The Final Journey. This year unlike previous there is no sign of snow anywhere to be seen, it’s a real odd thing. It’s a good thing that snowman is made of plastic.

2. Island Park


As part of my Final Journey, I was able to make a slight detour on the last nights of 2CW as they ventured to Elmira, so I ventured a little farther before the show. I traveled all the way to Wellsville, New York. Now if you’re not familiar with Wellsville, it’s out there, compared to where I live in Albany. But Wellsville is where my heart is, I suppose you can say, it’s where my Great Grandmother lived and where my Grandmother grew up. Every year we would visit and hang out at Island Park where they would hold a balloon rally. It’s been a few years since we went out there actually it was July of 2010.

3. The Last 2CW Show


The last days of 2CW, a pro wresting company based out of Syracuse in which for the past few years I started to follow and attend their shows. The Final Journey I speak of was a series of three shows in which the company said farewell. This was taken before the last show started, as you can see they used a vacuum prior to the wrestling. It’s because well, they suck, sarcasm of course.

4. Santa20151225_114310

This is Santa. He’s one of the decorations at my Grandmother’s house or as I sometimes refer to as Ma and Da’s house. This is my mother’s side of my family and it’s where we have spent many times visiting during the holidays. Holidays were always a great time because of the time spent with them and other family members in and around the area. As for this decoration, my grandfather who has passed, would always love to showcase his newest Christmas decorations, even spending the day after Christmas going out to various stores in the Syracuse area trying to get the best and cheapest as the stores would all discount it.

5. Christmas Dinner At Grandpa’s


No that’s not a picture of my other Grandfather, it’s a picture of my Aunt Mary and Jordi. We spent Christmas dinner visiting my father’s side of the family as my aunt, pictured above handed out this photo as she spent her last Christmas living in Syracuse, New York as she has now moved on to Florida. Yes, she’s old, she’s like 14 years older than me, so that’s like ancient. As you can see we played bingo and some drank beer, I didn’t, because well, I had to work Christmas night.