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A Facebook friend of mine, who happens to be a professional wrestler asked a question today that stung a little too close today. His question was about the number two wrestling company in the business, or well, the company that might be. So the question he asked is and was “Why does it feel like so many wrestling “fans” want TNA to fail?”

You could consider me as one of those who wanted to TNA to succeed. I bought into their programming numerous times throughout their tenure as a wrestling company. From the very beginning when they offered weekly pay-per-views, because that’s the only way they could get on television. To the time they were at 1am or so on FOX Sports, or maybe that 1am thing was ECW.

I’ve come and gone, and they too have come and gone. They had numerous opportunities, and had huge names, and were on the verge of becoming a company we could get behind. And it seemingly botched, to use a wrestling term, each and every time.

I'm recycling this image, because this company needs to be put in the garbage.

I’m recycling this image, because this company is garbage.

You can name the list of names like a who’s who in wrestling history. From names like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan,Sting, Kurt Angle, and quite honestly I could stay here all day naming them. The contracts, the price, the misuse, the bad timing, the listening to the wrong people, the problems are endless.

A few years ago, you can even search them through this website, TNA turned around, I got excited. The fans got excited, they had all the big names we liked, they had tournaments we liked. And then they messed up. Instead of getting the fans hyped for events, they got them shaking their heads and questioning why they were doing what they were doing.

The fans that want an alternative to WWE have all but given up on TNA, and there’s plenty of us, just look at the lack of ratings WWE has. But that wasn’t the question, the question was why do people love to hate TNA.

And the answer is what I’ve been stating, it’s their lack of follow through. Yes, we all know contracts end, but replacing those names with newer names is the name of the game. That’s something WWE has been able to do time in and time out.

That’s one thing I respect WWE for doing. Yes, they don’t have their mega star power they once did, they’re trying. TNA on the other hand, they’re doing something. I started giving them a follow again once they started their new POP TV deal. I want to like them, but I’m not sure where they’re going with things.

And that’s why people hate TNA, that’s why people love to bash them. They’re the bad news bears of wrestling. They’re that company that could easily thrive and succeed in this business but they botch it every single time.

So give them a chance? Maybe. Bash them. By all means bash them if they’re just going through the motions.

Sorry Dixie Carter, but you’ve made one too many bad decisions.