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In a way to connect better with this Photo Blog Challenge presented by A ‘lil Hoohaa that I have joined and it being nearing 3 years in action, I will retroactively join it. So with the power of Google Photos a.k.a. my cloud I will go through my past pictures and play along with the past themes. It might be cheating a little bit, but hey, this is Hachland and not whatever your name is land!

Are you ready for the challenge!? Well, I am and we will go all the way back to December 2015 in which the theme was Morning!

1. Pine Cones


These are pine cones or some kind of cones. This was from our visit to Minnewaska State Park Preserve outside of Newburgh, New York. We visited a bunch of state parks and enjoyed walking outside using our FitBit’s to their full potential.This may have not been in the morning, but any day time is morning for me as night guy.

2. Mean Selfie


This is a selfie of mine. I was walking around my town taking pictures of random things and what’s more random then a selfie of myself.

3. Tickets To Paradise


The mail comes in the morning, this these came in the mail. They’re my tickets for the last 2CW shows. How sad. I think mourning would be a better version of this theme.

4. Student Showcase20151107_134118

The Institute of Professional Wrestling, a wrestling school out of Syracuse put on a student showcase wrestling show in which students of various wrestling schools and guys looking to get experience wrestled it out for well, free. Due to the fact I had to work 10 hours on a Friday and 10 hours on a Saturday this was difficult to say the least. But I did it, with a little help on the ride home. Plus I took time to visit my grandmother and my grandpa.

5. Little Library


As part of my walking around town and getting steps on my FitBit, I came across this. It’s a free library in front of someone’s house. The idea here is to take a book and give a book, basically helping everyone enjoy reading. I didn’t take a book nor give one, because reading is over rated and for losers. Ha, see what I did there.