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Every father form the beginning of time has taught his son one thing and that’s the greatness that is The Three Stooges. On February first I gave that greatness back to my father as I discovered one of the local theaters was having a Three Stooges Film Festival.

After learning we couldn’t purchase tickets through their Ticket Master site we almost nearly found something else to do. But after I messaged the Palace Theater on Facebook to find out if tickets were still available, I was over joyed to find that they were. And for only 5 dollars it was well worth to visit The Palace Theater and watch the Stooges. Especially seeing the theater was built in 1931 and the Stooges got their breakout success around the same time.

For those who don’t know the Stooges, I feel sorry for you, but the Stooges were and still are one of the great comedy teams of all-times. Their slapstick comedy has lasted a lifetime and transcended generations. While this event can easily explain how they’re comedy still remains strong to this day.

We arrived around 6:30 or so for the 7 o’clock showing not knowing what to expect. They started us out with the Stooges cartoons, something that was funny, but not nearly as funny as the original shorts. And then it happened. They aired six shorts, a few of which my father even admitted to not remembering. Which shocked me because in my mind he is one of the lost Stooges.

Before I get too long winded, the term shorts I’m using is describing what these videos are. They’re not hour long movies or so, but shorts, which lasted around 22 minutes or so. Which is quite equivalent to today’s length of your average sitcoms.

They aired Malice In The Palace, Disorder In The Court, I Can Hardly Wait, You Nazty Spy, Self Made Maids, and Whoops I’m An Indian. With the first two being two of the most popular shorts of all-time. As for the others I have seen some of them but I don’t remember Self Made Maids nor Whoops I’m An Indian.

Self Made Maids featured Larry, Moe and Shemp playing themselves as they fall in love with well, themselves. In this short the Stooges played female characters Larraine, Moella and Shempetta. They also played various other characters in the short, which just featured the three of them. The camera work and stunt doubles used were amazing in this era as you would see four people on screen at a time in some instances. For sure a excellent short to watch that had paved the way for various movies such as The Nutty Professor in which Eddie Murphy played various roles.

As for the others such notably Disorder In The Court, it’s their most famous and the one that I can remember the most. Growing up as a youngster, I remember my father having a VHS tape of this short and we would watch it numerous times. It’s one of their best ever with various memorable moments as the Stooges are inside a court room and all of their antics explode and in one great scene shows Curly and the defense attorney having quite a tough time getting Curly to sign in.

Disorder in the Court is one of four Stooge shorts that fell into the public domain after the copyright lapsed in the 1960s (the other three being Malice in the Palace, Brideless Groom, and Sing a Song of Six Pants). As such, these four shorts frequently appear on cheaply produced DVD or video compilations.

The Stooges are one of my favorites of all-time and this event was just what I needed as well as the various people who attended it. Which wasn’t nearly a sell out, but had a wonderful turn out for a comedy team that has been dead for nearly 40 years and an event on a Monday night while the local basketball team played a block down the street.