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In a way to connect better with this Photo Blog Challenge presented by A ‘lil Hoohaa that I have joined and it being nearing 3 years in action, I will retroactively join it. So with the power of Google Photos a.k.a. my cloud I will go through my past pictures and play along with the past themes. It might be cheating a little bit, but hey, this is Hachland and not whatever your name is land!

Are you ready for the challenge!? Well, I am and we will go all the way back to September 2015 in which the theme was Happy!

1. Juicy Burger


I always enjoy visiting the local hamburger restaurant called Juicy Burger, they’re similar to other hamburger restaurants like Five Guys, Burger 21, Burger-Fi. The whole hamburger revolution that’s currently going on is countering places like McDonalds, Wendy’s and Burger King. But it’s working for us. Juicy Burger is a place I have enjoyed for the past five or six or even more years. They allow you to choose how you want your hamburger cooked, what toppings you want on it and it’s always good. I usually get my hamburger pink, with mozzarella cheese, sauteed onions and a little mayonnaise. Oh and for a hamburger joint they have a lovely Lobster Bisque!

2. Just To See Him Smile


This is my dad pictured in front of a train set. The train set is located at the Altamont Fair Grounds and is circus themed. While the fair wasn’t going on they were holding their annual Wine & Apple Festival, a festival in which you can buy some apples or more importantly sample and buy wine. We have gone the past few years, but I’m not sure if I have enjoyed it since the first year. It’s usually way to crowded and people hoover around the tasting booths for way too long, trying to act like they know something about wine but in reality they’re just there to get a buzz on.

3. 2CW Forever


September saw me attend two nights of 2CW wrestling shows the first night was in Syracuse at their original home the Pastime Athletic Club and the second night was at their second home in Binghamton. It was an epic two night double shot, that saw me getting home Tuesday morning at like 5 am. The 2CW title changed hands multiple times and it was just a fun time! Pictured is the second title change of the first night when Kevin Graham defeated Michael Christopher (FKA Guy Sunshine) who defeated “Captain” Nick Ando earlier in the night.

4. Golfing


I went golfing a couple times in September, this particular time was with my two buddies, Bubba and Stalker, here’s one of them showcasing his sitting ability. Doesn’t he have just the greatest form you’ve ever seen? I may not be the best golfer, but it’s not about getting the most hole’s in one, it’s about having fun. And that’s exactly what we do. After all we usually golf at a par 3 course.

5. Shrooms!20150910_150801

I did a lot of walking at random hiking trails, walking trails and random other places. Here is one of the numerous pictures I took, this one is of mushrooms. For some reason, I find mushrooms very interesting and they are very photogenic. They’re my muse if you will.