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With the entire political nightmare known as the election of the next President we have multiple candidates from Jeb Bush to Hilary Clinton to Donald Trump to Ted Cruz to Marco Rubio and then we get to this guy named Bernie Sanders.  And that’s who we’re going to talk about today. As everyone and when I saw everyone I mean everyone who has a art degree from the local community college to those who dropped out of high school to follow around the local Dashboard Confessional cover band.

It just blows my mind why all these young people want to support Bernie. The dude is like 110 years old! It’s like all these hipsters thinks its cool to support a candidate that has been declared dead from three retirement homes. But oh well, that’s just stupid bashing for no reason right?

Not to continue my obvious bashing of Bernie Sanders, I decided to take a look into the mind of a Bernie supporter so I went over to Facebook and searched for some Bernie Sanders groups to join. There’s various groups out there but then I found this group entitled Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Stash.

And I said to myself.. what in the world is a Bernie!?

But seriously what is a dank? I mean, I know what a meme is, it’s a picture in which the put words over it. I understand what a stash is, it’s a gathering of something. And we all know who Bernie Sanders is, he’s that old guy who kind of looks like Larry David. But what’s a dank?


Is a dank a form of a tank top? Is it a tank? I think I’ve heard the word dank before? But it’s usually been used in the form of slang, like that stuff is dank. Or damn, you’re fart smelt dank. Is dank a word that describes the stench of something?

So would it be good to call your group Bernie Sanders’ Stinky Meme Stash?

I’m not sure, let me do more research. What makes a dank meme?

Supposedly this is a dank meme supporting Bernie Sanders…


Yeah, I don’t get it either. So if you support Bernie Sanders you’re supporting fried chicken which will inevitably kill you. But if you support Hilary you’re supporting fake hamburgers that will inevitably kill you.

This one didn’t help me understand the dankness. Onto the next…


I guess this one was sent to a Bernie supporter from a Republican. In which the Bernie supporter mentioned they thought it was cool Bernie had all these tattoos. Obviously not knowing one single thing about history or many of these symbols. But oh well, that’s why we’re always feeling the Bern.

Onto the next example…


So basically I’m seeing Hilary as a better option here. Granted I’ve heard how much better video games are on the computer, and yeah, I’ve played some games on the computer. But really, video games are so much better on the consoles. Remember NES!? That was the greatest! Games better on the PC are like saying free college will help everyone.

Still don’t get these memes..


So basically we’re voting for the same person, just with different clothes? Is that the deal I’m getting at? Yeah, for those who don’t know Ryan Reynolds played the character in green aka The Green Lantern and the other guy named Deadpool.

Still don’t get it all..


Okay, I like this one. It’s pretty dank.

Not sure if that’s what they mean.

But then again isn’t this how we all see Bernie Sanders?


I may never find out what is dank. But I do know eating Easter candy from three years ago is pretty dank!