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This Friday the wrestling world finally returns to a sense of normal as I finally attend a wrestling show again. It’s been a long time and for a lot of the fans who will be in attendance it’s been since the last days of 2CW, as I wrote about in The Final Journey, we’ve seen a show. The world has been so dark in since.

Xcite Wrestling returns to Binghamton, New York this Friday and tickets are still available for general admission but front row is already sold out and I along with a lot of the 2CW faithful will be invading the scene. For those who want to join in the fun and I highly suggest doing so go over to the Xcite Wrestling website and buy some tickets!

Don’t believe me it’ll be a good show? Well, sit right down and begin reading what I’m about to say.

Let’s start out reviewing the matches of the card, while it has changed over the past few weeks, as of today this is what they’re going with and please know things can change and probably will. This is wrestling after all and anything can happen!

Before I jump too far into this, let me explain that I have, for those who are new to reading me, have been to numerous 2CW shows, Beyond Wrestling shows, House of Hardcore shows as well as various other independent, WWE and TNA shows. Plus I’ve been watching wrestling for more than 20 years. As for Xcite Wrestling, I have attended one show and it was the Eliminator all the way back in November 2014.

Now let’s jump in!


We will start off with the Isys Ephex and Gregory Iron match. I’ve seen Isys numerous times in 2CW as well as Gregory Iron, I have also seen Iron in Xcite, the one show I did go to years ago. And this match will be a very decent match, it won’t be that hard hitting match that we may see later on in the card, but with Isys in his well trained and being the head trainer at a wrestling school we could see him take Iron to school.

Then again we have Iron and his unconventional wrestling style. Which is due to him having been born with cerebral palsy, which has left his right arm withered and with extremely limited range of motion according to Wikipedia. Yet Iron has shown that while he may have cerebral palsy it doesn’t limit him one bit.

My predictions this will be a fun match that will get the crowd involved with a little comedy and a few good wrestling moves and we will see Iron go over in this one.

Winner: Gregory Iron

Because the fans want Gregory Iron! Despite the Isys Ephex For Xcite champion Facebook page.


The last and first time I attended Xcite Wrestling Marc Hauss was their Champion, and not claiming I helped or anything but he did become the number one guy on Indy Power Rankings. But since that moment Hauss has had numerous problems including a injury that has sidelined him for well a long time. Thus he was stripped of the Xcite championship and is now back and looking to regain that strap once more!

As for Axel Lennox, yes, with two N’s. I’ve seen him at the same show and actually in the same match. Has been a top guy in Xcite and will give Hauss a good run for his money. But I see this as Hauss’ match as he’s on the road back to winning that strap back.

Winner: Marc Hauss

Because this is Marc Hauss road to redemption!


As I’ve previously mentioned about attending Beyond Wrestling shows, I am very well informed who and what are the Crusade For Change. While this incarnation is a little different than those who run wild in Beyond, this incarnation does showcase the same thing, that’s they’re here and they’re taking over. This incarnation includes Stockade, Anthony Gangone and TJ Marconi. All of which I am very familiar with at Beyond Wrestling shows and even Revival Pro Wrestling for Gangone.

At the last Xcite show they did just that as they made their presence known and now Joe Gacy looks to stop them from taking over fully. He will take on the three members of Crusade For Change with two mystery partners. Which obviously for someone of  my age reminds me of a certain six man tag match from Bash At The Beach 1996, but the Crusade ain’t no nWo.

Gacy, who at the last 2CW show in which he battled Yusuke Kodama in a match that actually got me thinking that 2CW might actually be ending. A match that for me stole the night. I look to see this happen again as Joe Gacy will show everyone he’s not Sloppy Joe but instead a Chainsaw ready to take over.

Who will be his partners? I’m not sure, but Yusuke Kodama was previously listed on the card and I’m not sure what happened to that. And there’s also Matt Tremont on this card, who has had a very hardcore history with one of those members of Crusade For Change in Stockade. But hey, who knows right? You’ll have to see where other wrestlers are booked. And hey, maybe we’ll see Mr. Xcite Jonny Moose get involved.

Winner: Crusade For Change

Because the Crusade is here to stay!


This match, wow, this match could get brutal. With Tremont the incarnation of every death match wrestler of all-time from a crazy combination of Cactus Jack, Leatherface, Terry Funk, The Great Pogo, Abdullah The Butcher, Zandig and well, every other combination you can think and well, even part his opponent.

That being DJ Hyde who is the owner of Combat Zone Wrestling, the one wrestling company who has made a name for itself for being hardcore and extreme. In 2013 these two did battle in the main event at Cage Of Death and these two know how to be brutal.

This one could get the New York State Athletic Commission to shut down the show if it goes anything like the matches I’ve seen on YouTube, or live featuring these two. As I’ve witnessed Tremont go to battle with the previously mentioned Stockade in a match that well, was fairly bloody to say the least.

Winner: Matt Tremont

Because it’s Matt F’N Tremont!


This is the match that has been building for months as Rob Cook and Nick Napolean battle it out in a steel cage! This match will definitely get the athletic commission to gripe about the violence. As for us, the fans, we will love to see these two men battle it out inside the steel.

For those who haven’t been following around the steel cage has been built by a group of Xcite guys and isn’t one of those blue bars one or some lame cage that will surely fail. This one is a nice cage that will surely help to showcase a lot of blood loss.

As you can see with this exclusive look at the cage that will be used hanging out side of Jonny Moose’s house.


This match will surely lead to some memorable moments inside the American Legion and we will either see the end of this feud or the end of one of these guys. Rob Cook or Nick Napolean, it’s going to be a riot either way.

Winner: Nick Napolean

Because even with a cage I smell outside interference.


And now we get to the point where Xcite has changed a few of the matches that they had previously publicly stated and we start with this six way match which features Sozio, Alex Payne, Alexander James, Mike Skyros (formerly Michael Christoper/Guy Sunshine) Jay Freddie and Pink Sanchez who’s making his Xcite debut.

This match will surely be a crazy for sure, as we see a couple former 2CW guys taking on the best of the Northeast. Sozio has been a mainstay at CZW and CZW’s dojo as for Alex Payne who had a strong stink at Ring Of Honor years ago and now is a Xcite guy as well as Side Show Pro Wrestling. Then we have Alexander James who has been everywhere and anywhere and has put up a great fight. The guy formerly known as Michael Christopher is up next, and this time we’re calling him Mike Skyrose. We have Jay Freddie who after having a long stint in Japan with Wrestle-1 had make his return to 2CW to help lead them out on top. And Pinkie Sanchez who last I saw was, well, I didn’t see him last. Because back in December when I was at Beyond he was left for dead against Da Hit Squad and then later in the night Sami Calliahan had taken his mask and shirt.

Before I jump into who’s going to win, I should inform you about the fun I had with the whole Mike Skyrose face which you can check out by clicking these following stories: The Michael Christopher Experience, Where In The World Is Michael Christopher? and Michael Christopher Will Not Die!

So who’s going to win? Good question, I think Jay Freddie has the best chance of taking this one but I wouldn’t be surprised if Alexander James came out on top. But it’s a six way match and you never know what’s going to happen!

Winner: Jay Freddie

Because I said so12742433_1055591611192509_8114108580069090781_n

Another one of the changes occurred when one half of Team Tremendous couldn’t make it so it turned a sh*ty six way into a f’n tag team match. And oh what a crazy match this will soon to turn out to be. As I’m already a big fan of Team Tremendous and Dan Barry, the man I’ve seen in so many companies I can’t remember will tag with Chuck Taylor instead of Bill Carr, because you never see him and Sean Carr in the same room.

They will take on the unlikely team of Evil Uno and Greg Excellent. This will sadly only be the third time I get the privilege of watching the Most Excellent Greg Excellent who’s in-ring comedy is out of this world. As for his tag partner, Evil Uno, this will surprisingly be  my first time ever watching him.

This match will have a lot of spots both in the comedy and wrestling variety. And will surely have the crowd loving every moment of this one. We’ll not want to see this one end but it will with a error by one of the newly formed tag team partners.

Winners: Chuck Taylor and Dan Barry

Because I don’t have a Uno Excellent clue!


And the match that we’ve all been waiting for or at least I’m very excited to see. At my first 2CW show I got to see Sean Carr break away and over the corse of my tenure following 2CW I saw Sean Carr go from a sideshow to the 2CW champion. Carr has continued to become one of the premier wrestlers in the independent wrestling scene.

Another one of those premier wrestlers is Donovan Dijak who standing at six feet seven inches as made a very strong impression on the world. With a stint in Ring Of Honor, making a name for himself in Beyond Wrestling helping the fans forget about Biff Busick. Dijak who I’ve written about in Fete Finale: Is There Wrestling After Death?

As for Brian Myers, the man formerly known as Curt Hawkins made his return to independent wrestling a while back at my first ever Beyond show where he battled AR Fox. Since Myers has helped train students and showcase indy marks like me that he’s not some crappy WWE guy but he’s a grade A great talent.

This match is the one that got changed around at the last minute and while some people want Sean Carr vs Chuck Taylor, I’m perfectly fine with this match. So who will win? The home town boy? The former WWE guy? Or the six foot seven monster?

Winner: Sean Carr

Because I’m afraid of hearing people cry.

So that’s my preview of this Friday’s Xcite show. For tickets go visit their website over at Xcite Wrestling. And enjoy!

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