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In a way to connect better with this Photo Blog Challenge presented by A ‘lil Hoohaa that I have joined and it being nearing 3 years in action, I will retroactively join it. So with the power of Google Photos a.k.a. my cloud I will go through my past pictures and play along with the past themes. It might be cheating a little bit, but hey, this is Hachland and not whatever your name is land!

Are you ready for the challenge!? Well, I am and we will go all the way back to August 2015 in which the theme was Rule Of Thirds!

Now before I start with this challenge, I’m not sure what the whole rule of thirds is. From what I’ve read it’s some form of taking photos, like there’s a science behind it or something. Which confuses me because all I do is find something cool and snap! So with that said look at what I’ve snapped!

1. Battle Of Albany20150829_195601

One day in August I had one of those epic days where I did everything I could and that included going to two wrestling shows, going golfing and working both Friday and Saturday over night. And I wonder why I lack in the sleep department.

But two of the three local wrestling companies in the Albany region ran wrestling shows on the same day, as I wrote about in the Battle of Albany, and I attended both shows, were portions of which. I got to see wrestling legends Jimmy Hart and Tatanka plus at the other show I got to see the tail end of my friends brother’s wrestling debut, the one and only Zane Maverick!

In the picture is from In Your Face Wrestling and and you can see it was held at the Polish Community Center in Albany, it was their first show here and the first non-WWE wrestling show held in the actual Albany zip code since 2006. In the picture is Tyler Vincent climbing the ropes and Mattick thinking he’s Brodus Clay or something.

2. Albany Rural Cemetery


After living in the Albany area for nearly all of my life I finally visited the Albany Rural Cemetery. A place where dead people go to get buried, it’s located on 467 acres is actually just outside of Albany.

With so much space there is numerous famous people buried here such as the 21st President of The United States Chester A. Arthur is buried here. This photo is of the soldier’s lot section.

3. Cohoes Falls 20150831_173726

Another location located in the Albany area that people rarely ever visit but just drove by is the Cohoes Falls, a waterfall on the Mohawk River. Years ago this was a major attraction as people from all over would come and see the Falls. Sadly throughout the years this has become just another place. At one time people compared this to Niagara Falls, but well, it’s not. Back in 2012 I made a joke about the Cohoes Falls.

4. Covered Bridges Of Washington County


This is the Rexleigh covered bridge in Washington County, it spans the Batten Kill River and was built in 1874 by George Wadsworth a dude who built a bunch of covered bridges. It stands around 107 feet long, and I found it by well, getting lost in Washington County. It was on a day in which we thought about visiting the area and then hitting up the fair that was occurring there.

5. Fenway Park


Finally in August we also took a trip to Boston, which is only a few hours away and spent an extended weekend touring the city and enjoying the sights and sounds. One of our stops, was Fenway Park, while we didn’t watch a game, we did however get to tour the Park and enjoy the history of it. As part of our Go Pass, a bundle package that gives you discounted rates for visiting various locations in Boston.

While I have watched a game years ago at Fenway, this was the first time I ever actually toured a stadium. For those who enjoy baseball, history and walking you should really take this tour. It was a ton of fun and very informational, while there were some tales I learned about there were plenty I didn’t. Plus I got to see one of my favorite baseball writer’s of all-time in Peter Gammons. As he was sitting behind home plate in one of the seats just enjoying his lunch, if you check out my Instagram you can see me taking a selfie with him.