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There’s things in this world that make us happy, there’s things in this world that depress us. But the goal in this life is to find a happy medium. Yet, that sometimes becomes the biggest challenge we must face every day.

On Friday, I attended a wrestling show, it was my first live wrestling show of the year, as I hadn’t been to one since attending Beyond Wrestling on December 27th, Fete Finale: Is There Wrestling After Death?. This would be my inevitable return to the front row, as at the Beyond show I didn’t sit front row, they have a whole different concept, but that’s besides the point.

This company is called Xcite Wrestling, I had previewed the show a little bit with You Best Get Excited About Excite! A quick run down of the company is that it’s a independent wrestling company based on of Binghamton, New York and they usually run about six shows a year and have upped that since the closing of 2CW.

So yes, it’s a wrestling company, and I enjoy wrestling, thus the reason for attending. As you can see I went wearing a John Cena shirt, yes, hahaha, I will probably write more about that choice another time, but to explain quickly I wore it as a joke.

The thing I want to talk mainly about is the insane amount of happiness showcased on my face. I for one am completely surprised when I look at it. It almost makes me in pain to see how happy this guy can be. I, as the dude pictured, rarely see myself even that happy.

I’m not sure what that says about my daily life, but it does say one thing about my wrestling life, I need more of it. Because if I can be that happy at a Xcite Wrestling show wearing a John Cena shirt than imagine if I was back sitting front row at a 2CW show wearing a well, a 2CW shirt obvious.

I would like to thank PJ Harmer for taking the photo of me and allowing me the privileged to use it without applying his watermark to it. You can visit PJ Harmer’s website A Lil HooHaaa and show him some love.