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First no, you’re not reading the same post from yesterday, but yes I am using the same picture from yesterday’s post. After all it’s a pretty good picture right?

So yesterday I talked about the insane Happiness I’m showcasing in this photo but today I will talk about the madness that is the John Cena shirt. Especially wearing a John Cena shirt at a independent wrestling company.

And yes you may ask this question.. Joey Image’s part not PJ’s…

And to answer Joey Image’s question no. No it’s not weird to wear a wrestling shirt to a wrestling show, but it’s also yes. Because you can’t just wear any random wrestling shirt you have, there has to be a reason. You can’t go in your closet, dresser, or wherever your leave your clothes and pick out a random shirt.

The shirt has to mean something, it has to have a reason. Is the guy on the card? No, then don’t wear it. Yet there is even an exception to that. And that exception is if you want that guy to be on the card, or he has say well, he’s dead.

I wasn’t going for any of that when I wore the John Cena shirt, I was going for a straight funny joke. I’ve seen plenty of random people wearing a John Cena shirt to a independent wrestling show, and yeah, it’s cool you’re wearing a wrestling shirt to a wrestling show. But it’s also pretty lame.

Lame because you don’t go to a New York Yankees game and wear a Boston Red Sox shirt. Especially if they’re not playing each other, people are going to look at you like you’re a retard. And seriously you don’t want that, because that word is offensive and it’s so 1984.

You shouldn’t wear any random baseball shirt to a random baseball game. It’s pretty lame. I mean say you work at McDonald’s and you show up wearing a Burger King shirt, yeah, it’s a fast food joint, but that’s not right. Granted you’re getting paid to work at McDonald’s so it might be a little different.

There are rules to wearing a wrestling shirt and many people don’t understand those rules. Yeah, if you break these rules you won’t end up in jail, but you will find yourself getting mocked by me.

Now these aren’t all the rules, but here are a few of the rules.

  1. Wrestling Company Shirts
    Only wear them to the said wrestling company you are attending or if you are trying to get that companies name out there or if it’s a defunct company that no longer exists. Don’t wear a WWE specific shirt to a independent wrestling company, it’s not cool. It just shows how dirty your sweat pants are.
  2. Wrestlers Shirt
    Only wear a wrestler’s shirt to a show that said wrestler is attending. Don’t go to a show where John Cena isn’t going to be at and wear that shirt. It’s not cool, it just shows how little about wrestling you know. If you happen to not have any of the wrestler’s shirts that are appearing than go to one of their merchandise tables and buy one. Because plenty of shows allow the wrestlers to sell their t-shirts to you.
  3. Nascar Shirts
    Don’t be wearing a Nascar shirt, jacket or even a jump suit. Come on people this isn’t the Daytona 500 this is a wrestling show!
  4. Football Jerseys
    Just don’t. The same with basketball jerseys, you’re not a professional athlete and you can’t even bench press 135 pounds, so don’t.
  5. Sweatpants
    Do wear sweatpants. Because sweatpants are cool, unless they have holes in them, and then they’re lame.

I would like to thank PJ Harmer for taking the photo of me and allowing me the privileged to use it without applying his watermark to it. You can visit PJ Harmer’s website A Lil HooHaaa and show him some love.