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Today is a day that happens every four years and well, for that I’m not doing anything special, outside of the 2nd of the Photo Blog Challenge. Last month I joined up with this little challenge and throughout the month attempted to catch up. But this post, is actually a live one, if you will here.

For those who aren’t understanding this challenge, every month PJ sets up a theme for a photo challenge, in which you showcase 5 pictures in that theme. To read more about these theme’s check out PJ’s Photo Blog Challenge.

This months theme, the second month I’m participating is Leap.

It’s in honor of the fact that this is a leap year, meaning that today, it’s a free day, it’s a day that only happens once every four years. Yeah, like you didn’t know that already. Well, I did a little traveling over the past month and finally got back to sitting ringside at a wrestling show, it was a long time from December 27th to February 20th. That’s like a lifetime! Will I post a wrestling picture? Will I even post a leap picture? Who knows!

So without further ado here we go with my top 5 pictures from Leap.

1. A Hot Dog At Burger King?

They introduced a hot dog at Burger King, yes, the home of the whopper decided it was time to showcase a hot dog on the menu. Well, I went over there and tried it out. It was alright, nothing that great, I’ve had better hot dogs, mainly Texas Hot from Wellsville, but then again that’s my favorite of all-time. I may try the hot dog again, but I’m usually a whopper guy.


2. Wrestling!

I got the lucky opportunity to ride with a wrestler to one of his gigs a.k.a. a wrestling show, and it marked the fourth show I attended this year. Which for me, isn’t a big thing, like I’ve been to more shows last year, but it’s always fun to see wrestling especially live. It’s nothing feeling the vibes of a live crowd and see how different companies run shows.


3. Leaping Ephex

At my first show of the year, Xcite Wrestling, which ran their first show of the year at the Binghamton, New York American Legion where 2CW had one of their final shows at. I’ve attended numerous shows there run by 2CW and this even marked my second Xcite show. As you see Gregory Iron and Isys Ephex took to the ring and battled it out. With Isys looking for the leap over Iron.


4. Three Stooges Film Festival

The first day of the month saw me attending a film festival of the Three Stooges with my dad. They showed a bunch of the cartoons, and six shorts from the golden age of Stooges. It was a great time and can’t wait till next year.


5. Hospital

On Super Bowl Sunday I went to Urgent Care due to stomach pains. After numerous tests, catscans, blood work and various other tests nothing came back. They think I may have pulled a muscle. But either way, it was a shocker. For someone who doesn’t worry too much about his health to have to go to Urgent Care, now that’s a leap. I guess I should have gone to the doctor more recently in the last decade or well, since high school.